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I remember when I first laid eyes on the Hp Sprocket printer, I saw Zoella show it on one of her videos "what's inside my bag."  After seeing what it does I thought, " Oh my god, I need one of these in my life!" So I started hunting around for one but everywhere was sold out the only place I could find one was on eBay and they were selling them DOUBLE the price!

I have seen so many reviews on the HP Sprocket and watched so many videos after watching Zoella's video just to make sure it was what I wanted, but like I said they were sold out everywhere! The only thing I could really do was to wait for them to come back into stock. However, when I woke up on Christmas morning a HP Sprocket was there waiting for me under the tree, I couldn't believe it, I was so happy and excited to use it! I just love printing out memories then placings them all over my walls and having this travel printer is just a huge life saver.

This little tiny printer is no bigger than my hand and it is super lightweight, it feels like you're holding nothing but air. It easily fits into my handbag and I can take it wherever I go. What I think is so cute is you can customize your photos before you print with the HP Sprocket App. You can add Text, Borders, Emojis and so many cute stickers as well, which I think is super cute and adds your own personal touch on each photo you print out. Also the HP Sprocket App can be synced to your Facebook and Instagram. The printer is completely wireless and takes round about an hour to fully charge, when mine is fully charged I can print around 10-15 photos depending on how I edit them. What I also think is amazing about this printer is that you DON'T NEED Ink! I know right? It's all printed by a laser inside the case, which reacts to the special printer paper. It's controlled by Bluetooth so all you need to do is install the app on your phone, turn on your printer, Bluetooth and then they will both live happily ever after together.

I got mine in white and rose gold because I'm in love with rose gold colours at the moment. The printer holds 10 sheets max and you can re-buy the sheets from many different PC stores but I didn't tell you another amazing thing about this little device is your prints are also STICKERS! How cool is that?

Overall I'm super happy with the HP Sprocket, it's the perfect size, perfect color, and you can make so many great memories with this little device.

Do you own a HP Sprocket? If so what do you love about yours?

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  1. I have heard so many good things about the HP Sprocket, but they've always been from bloggers & people like Zoella! I feel like you're a more trustworthy source because you've actually done your research and used it now! I think I'll have to get one too, hehe!
    Bisous, Faz

    1. Hello,
      Yes alot of bloggers use this :) aww thank you for reading it lovely im so glad i help you making your choice to get one i hope you enjoy it x

  2. It's one of this things I really want but then would never use, so I am trying to keep myself away from it :)

    1. Haha i totally understand what you mean :) i do still use mine but sometimes i forget i still have it hehe x


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