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So with the brand new Beauty and the Beast film out, I thought this would be a perfect time to write about three amazing limited edition lipsticks I have just fallen in love with! I am so in love with these lipsticks from the moment I heard about them I just knew I had to get my hands on some. The only thing about these lipsticks is that they are only available in Italy however, you can buy them from the Italy amazon just remember to translate it before you use it!

On their website you're only able to buy these three lipstick, which I was quite disappointed with because I wanted to collect them all. You can buy the box set which has each lipstick included with a matching nail polish in it, which I think is too cute.

So lets get into this lines colours and the product names!

Belle - 377 Perfect Red
As you can tell by the name this is the perfect red and they're right, it is a perfect red. This is the perfect shade to class belle by her stunning red lips and how much she loves red roses too. The packaging is all velvet with small mini belle's all over, this is a perfect shade for summer. It's great for the belle lovers out there who adore her just as much as myself.

Plumette - 374 Intense Plum
This lipstick shade is based on the feather duster from the film, which is why this shade is called Plumette. This is a beautiful plum shade and I love the packaging on this one as well. The lipstick mark and the feathers at the bottom really bring out the character on this shade. The packaging on this one is velvet as well with lipstick and feathers embossed on which make it perfect to stand on your shelf for display.

Lumiere - 231 Sepia Silk
This is a stunning nude shade which brings out the Lumiere character so well! The shade in this is beautiful on the lips and it's perfect to wear any time of the year. This is perfect for those natural look sort of days. The packing on this one isnt velvet like the rest, it has an embossed design on the bottom and melting wax at the top, all similar in shade to the lipstick itself which I think is really nice.

Overall I love these shades and they are all so creamy and moisturizing on your lips which is what we all need in a lipstick. They are an original shade that L'Oreal has brought out, its just the packing that is different. I know everyone was thinking there was going to be some new amazing shades but they are ones that were originally brought out before. So you can buy these for the packing if you like collecting makeup. If not you can still buy these colours from their normal line and just get the gold packing instead of the characters.

They are available to buy in Italy which I think is a shame because I know they would of sold really well here in the United Kingdom. You can order them like I said though on the Italy amazon website. I love the shades and the designs on each one and I know these are ones I will be keeping for awhile and adding to my lipstick collection.

So tell me what do you think about these limited edition shades do you have any of you own yet? Don't forget to tell me what you think about them I would love to hear your thoughts on these.

You can buy them at 

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  1. Wow these look incredible, that Belle shade is beautiful! xx

    1. They are incredible! I love each of them it's hard to pick which one to wear xx

  2. The packaging of these are all so stunning! x

    1. they are i love them I just love having them on display XD x

  3. These are stunning and absolutely packaging goals! Beauty and the Beast was one of my favourite movies as a child so I have to have these! xx

    Sophia xx |

  4. Wow what beautiful packaging! Such gorgeous shades too :)



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