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Well I cant believe we are already into May which means I am going to be 26 this month also! now that is scary! Well it's come to that time again where I show you all what I have been loving during April. If you haven't seen any of my other posts you can find them all here don't forget to go ahead and check them out.

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ELLE Magazine 
Now I have been a fan of Elle magazines for awhile but I have stages where I read them on and off but recently I have been loving them, There is so much fashion and beauty in these magazines that it's hard to put down once I start reading it. You get some beautiful celebrities on the cover also and reading their interview is also another great part  about this magazine.

The Body Shop - Drops Of Youth
This product is doing so well for my skin I have been looking for great skin care for a while to help with my dry skin and this one is doing so well for me using two pumps and massage into my skin another great thing about this is you can see all of your dead skin cells coming away and Im always shocked seeing how much dead skin comes off my face its unreal!.

So...? Body Mist - Iced Melon 
Well I'm sure you all know about So...? body mists by now I have been seeing them all over the internet recently and I have been loving them as well so I have joined the So...? club Iced Melon is my favourite but with the amount of amazing scents it's hard to pick which one is my favorite. 

Too Faced - Natural Love Collection
Now I have already done a blog post and a video about this product so you can read my post here and watched my video here. I have fallen in love with this palette there is so many great colours, it's hard to pick which ones I want to wear each day and the amount of looks I can make out of this collection is also another great thing have you got your hands on this yet?

Lush - Avobomb Bath Bomb
Now if you have been reading my blog for awhile you know how much I love my bath bomb's and specially in April I have been loving this bathbomb alot more the scent of Lemon and Lime really relaxes me and calms me after a long day at work but this bath bomb is also great to use in the morning as a wake me up have you tried this bath bomb yet? it leaves your skin smelling great and feel so soft.

Charlotte Tilbury -  Bitch Perfect Lipstick
Now I know I have also wrote about this lipstick in my February Favourites but I have been loving this shade again and I cant stop using it and another thing is I have more of her collection on the way! The lipstick are so beautiful and so easy to apply it feels like you're wearing nothing and they last so well! Bitch perfect is the perfect shade for me to wear during the day and its the only lipstick that stays in my handbag!

So tell me what are your favourites you used in April?

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  1. These are all gorgeous and perfect for Spring. Were did April go?!

  2. I can't believe it's may already! There's so many things I loved in april but I think my favourite is the watermelon balmI lip balm I picked up in primark it's soooooo good!

    Charlotte |

    1. Ooo that sounds yummy ���� i might have to hunt that down next time i go xx

  3. I'm yet to try Avobath but it sounds bloody delicious I'll have to give it a go. And I can't believe you can see dead skin coming off with the Body Shops drops of youth, I might have to pop in store and give it a quick test for myself as that sounds amazing!

    Rebecca, do

    1. Lol thanks meant to be a little 'xo' at the end haha

    2. Omg hunni you need to try that bath bomb its amazing! I know i was abit like what! But when she shown me on my hand then i tryed it at home its perfect my skin has never felt better in my whole life xx

  4. It's crazy that we are already nearly a week into May! Loved your favourites, I would really like to try the Drops of Youth as I've had the eye cream from the range and it was lovely.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  5. That Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is a lovely colour!

    Jess |

  6. These are some great picks! I'm really interested in the drops of youth stuff, haven't come across that. I love too faced shadows as well so that palette looks gorgeous. CT Bitch Perfect us my absolute favourite nude as well! X

  7. Yas Avobomb. I haven't had one of them in years. I always do a payday big lush shop for the month so I will pick one up at the end of the month. Thanks for the inspiration.

    V <3

  8. I've never tried a body mist but it sounds like something I could get into! My favourites this month have been Dr Jart's disapore BB cream, and WakeMake's nail polishes. I discovered both just a couple of weeks ago and I'm already in love.



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