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* Jeffree Star Lipstick & Matte Lipstick Haul *

Well I know you're all wondering where the hell have you gone Amy? Well I am sorry I just have been so busy with work recently that as soon as I finish work all I want to do is go to bed. So until my hours have been sorted to the right days of the week I will be working an awful a lot of 5am starts so once my rota is sorted I can then schedule my blog post more recent so I just want to say i'm sorry that is one has taken so long to come out but I'm going to go straight into it, but I do love you all so much for supporting me!

So I have been following Jeffree Star for a few months now and I never knew he had a makeup line till a few months ago either and I wasn't sure if i wanted to try it or not but I thought I would try he's lipstick first, But i really want to try hes eyeshadows because they look AMAZING everytime i see him wear them.

First thing I want to start with is the packaging! Now I'm sure you all know by now how much I LOVE pink by all of my photos and even my blog its pink but when I saw Jeffree Stars has hot pink on hes makeup range I just knew I had to add it to my collection and I am so glad i did!

I pick up three lipsticks and one matte lipstick I wasnt sure on which matte lipstick I wanted so I watched a few YouTube videos on the shades and I finally picked Prom Night which is a beautiful HOT PINK and it looks amazing on the lips. The three lipstick shades I got are Starfish, Baby Spice, Ex - supermodel can i just say how cute are these names! Each of the shades are in a beautiful pink OF COURSE! (As you can see above) in his normal lipstick range I noticed there was alot of pinks and I heard a few people had some complaints with how many pinks there was in the collection but personally i love it because pink is all I wear at the moment.

So overall I want to tell you what I love about them but I also have some disappointments with them as well but let's start with the love shall we (Because we all love a bit of love). Lets Start with the shades, each of these shades are colours I wear more for an everyday look and hes matte lipstick i'll wear more for going out in the evening I might wear it during the day if I can find the right outfit to go with it of course, The colour are all pigmented and last for around about 6 hours but I do have to top them up after while but the colour is still there. So I'm pleased with the packaging, shades and how long it last for. Also I just want to say they smell AMAZING too!

The disappointing parts about them I find them hard to apply and to get a perfect look on my lips I feels I need to go over a few times to get the shape I would like whether it's me applying them wrong I'm not 100% sure but I think with a bit more trial and error I should get there in the end. The matte lipstick is the one I'm struggling with the most but I feel you might need to wear a lipliner with this one to get a perfect soft outline, the matte one i find is also harder to remove then the others and leaves a tint on my lips after the day which is another disappointing thing about it which is a shame.

But overall Jeffree Star your line is amazing and you should be so proud of yourself and I love your lipsticks so far just struggling with applying but I will get there and master how to apply them. But I love them and the shades they are perfect for my handbag.

Have you got your own Jeffree Star lipstick yet?

Until next time



  1. Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are my all time favourite! It frustrates me how much I love them because he is kind of a dick lmao

    xo Millie

  2. If these aren't the perfect products to go with your theme I don't know what are! The packaging is super cute. Personally I wouldn't buy them because I've heard nasty things about him and I'm not about to support that, as well as the fact that I look terrible in pinks, haha!


  3. They are such pretty products. I've never tried this brand, the guy seems a little difficult at times!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  4. Sorry to hear that your work has been so hectic Amy. I've been in a similar position but I work flexi rather than shifts so within reason I can start and finish when I like. 5am starts sound killer!

    The packaging of these lipsticks is DREAMY! And your photography is so good. You have a real talent.

    V <3

  5. Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.

  6. OMG, I love pink too! These are so gorgeous! I'll have to buy some when I can. Thanks for writing a balanced review of these.


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