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* Life Update | 2017 *

Hey guys so I know you're all probably wondering why I haven't been posting as much recently and wondering if I'm even still blogging anymore so I thought it would be best to write a Life Update post for you all so you know what happened and what im going through at the moment. I promised you all I would write this post but its just finding the time to write it and finally that day has come, so I'm going to go straight into to what happened to me recently.

New Job
The main reason for me not posting as much or even tweeting an awful lot is due to my new job. I have been working for over a month now, I finally have a full time job which I have been wanting to have for a while but the best part of it is finally got the job i've always wanted to do working with animals! I was offered a full time Senior staff member at a boarding kennels which I work 5 day as well from 6am - 7pm over to shifts a day yes A DAY! So all I have been doing is getting up going to work coming home and going back to bed again and just not even having time to have dinner sometimes because of sometimes how late I get home from work. This job has become another big part of my life and im working to get all my qualifications, I want to become fully qualified in animal care. I am currently being trained to become managent to run the full days, balance the hours for training and even my apprenticeship work so I have been really busy. So looking after around 25 Germen Shepards then 15 puppies with more on the way is a hell of a lot of work because getting everything right is the aim, part of it, so the the big MAIN reason why I haven't been posting so much anymore

First off I want to start off with my Anxiety for the past couple of months now ever since I came back from California for some reason my anxiety has hit me again but what you all don't understand is I have so many posts that I have ready to publish. With my anxiety however, I have been too scared or worried to post them because of worrying what everyone will think about the post, which I know I shouldn't let it bother me because at the end of the day it's my post my blog right? I just feel like so many people are taking blogging different to other people which is true! A lot of people feel different ways about blogging being worried to share thoughts worried to comment on people's post or even worried about writing a post but me its just posting my thoughts, what everyone is going to think.

Spends Time With Friends and Family
So with the 2 days off it's the only time really I get to see my friends family and spend time with my partner even though we live together but when I get up we only see each other for like 20 minutes then when I get home it's time for my bed. So my days off are always booked with spending time with the people I love but I do now and then find the time to write my posts and get them published like this one.

So that is basically why I haven't been blogging as much at the moment, until I finally get my rota sorted and know which are my days off and not have to cover for people I can start scheduling my posts more. Until then they will be around once or twice a week now I won't promise twice but definitely once a week. I want to thank everyone that still reads my blog and is supporting me still I love you all so much it really does mean the whole world to me. I also want to thank some of my bloggers friends who have been supporting me also and telling me not to give up I dont know where I would be without you all. I hope this has answered your questions to where I have been recently but I haven't quit blogging oh no no no, I'm still doing it and love each moment of it. I'm also still doing YouTube and I have a new channel now too!

Happy Blogging!

Until next time



  1. congrats on landing a FT job! Don't stress yourself about posting, sometimes it's good to take a break for a while and then come back refreshed! xx


    1. Very true thats what im planning on doing ☺ xx

  2. Congrats on the new job!! Hope it's something you're still enjoying! I've been in a similar bind with work/blogging recently and this seems like a nice way to ease back in.

    Sorry to hear about your anxieties, it's never fun to be second guessing yourself and anxious. I do hope you've found some coping mechanisms.

    Sounds like you have a fab support network around you, don't be afraid to lean on them (took me years to work that one out!). Can't wait to hear more!

    Hannah x

  3. Those puppies are so cute! Don't worry too much about your blog, you just need to get yourself into a schedule xx

    Charlotte |

    1. Thanks beautiful! Yeah just need to sort it then i can figure out xx

  4. Wow, life sounds a bit crazy for you at the moment! But big congratulations on the job, that's amazing news. All your hard work is paying off. Never apologise for needing to take time out for yourself x

    Sarah |

    1. Yeah its very crazy at the moment. I know i shouldn't apologise but just feel like i need to x

  5. Congrats on the new job! It must be lovely to be surrounded by doggos and puppers every day. Take your time, post those drafts when you're ready, and go easy on yourself. Take care of yourself, Amy! x


  6. Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.

  7. Congratulations on the new job. It sounds really tough but really rewarding at the same time.

    Don't stress yourself out about not posting so much. This blogging thing is meant to be enjoyable so there is no point in getting yourself worked up.

    When you do post your content is brilliant and that's incredible when you're working so hard elsewhere.

    V <3


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