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* Tanya Burr - Chasing The Sun Collection *

Well what can I say Tanya Burr you have made yet another amazing makeup collection! and the name of this collection is another amazing thing you have done BRAVO, If you havent seen by the title Tanya has brought out her new summer collection called Chasing The Sun. Now I havent got all of her new collection because the other items I didnt feel like I needed them because I have so many but in this set you get.

3 Illuminating Powder (3 shades)
Contour Stick (2 Shades)
Lime Pie Lip Balm
Blackberry Coulis Lip Balm
Milkshake Lip Balm

I also got one of her new lipstick which isn't in her new range but it goes so well with this collection that I want to talk about it also.

Chasing The Sun illuminating Powers
I'm going to start with her illuminating powers first now these come in three different shades which are called Sun Bronze, Sun Champagne and  Sun Peonies the two shades I pick up are champagne and peonies because these are the kind of colours I would use and I use them in every make-up routine now. Champagne is the stunning gold colour which is perfect for a highlighter and the Peonies is beautiful pink which is great for a blusher but it dose have a lot of shimmer in these they are so pigmented also so you dont need alot of your brushes what so ever. Each one has cream feel to them and like I said a little does go along way which is what we want don't we?

Chasing The Sun Contour Stick (Light to Medium)
Now this is the first I have ever tried a cream contour stick I have always been a powder girl. (I know where the hell have I been.) but I thought I would give it go with Tanya's contour stick you get two different shades Light/Medium and Medium/Dark and with how pale I am I knew I had to go for the lighter shade and you know what the shade matches my skin perfectly, It blends out so quick and easy and you can have it as light or as dark as you want it which is another good thing about it.  The only disappointment I have with this is I wish the stick was more pointed them a complete oval because it can be hard to get the right area you want to contour so i'm having to use it but the side.

Sunday Walk Lipstick
Now out of everything that Tanya makes I must say I love her lipstick the most and I think i have all of them now apart from one shade which I will be adding very soon. Her lipsticks are so easy to apply and last for hours which is the best thing about them, This new shade is a soft pink nude which by far is my favorite this shade goes with everything. They are so creamy on the lips that I only need to top it up round about once during the day which is great for a lipstick i must say.

So tell me have you got your hands on Tanya's new Chasing The Sun range yet? If you have comment below what you think about them and which ones you have. Specially the lip balms if you have them I'm thinking of adding ONE of them to my collection (Well try and buy one).

Are you Chasing The Sun this summer?

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Until next time.


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