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* Whats Been Going On? I'm Back *

Hellooooo there! I am back, I know right it's been a really long time about 2 months I think, But it's kind of weird wiring a new post right now and starting a fresh in blogging but I just needed a break from all the drama that has been going on and try and find out if blogging is what I want to do. But I am back now and my pumped and ready to take my blog to a whole new level. 
As you can see I have changed my whole layout I thought with start a fresh i would get a fresh look and I love it its a lot different to what I used to have  before but like I said its time to make a change. So I thought for a coming back post I would tell you why I walked away from blogging for so long and also why I wanted to come back. So when I look back on my blog over the past 2 years I can see what i did well on and what I didnt do so well on looking back at my very first post i ever wrote I can see my writing skills and photo skills have improved (But still need a lot work) When I looked back my blog was supposed to be about, Lifestyle, Baking and Crafting. Well I'm sticking with my lifestyle and talk about different trips i've been on and other things that have happened in my life. Baking well I dont do awful lot of baking now so I thought there wasn't any point on carrying that on and crafting well i still do that why I am planning on opening up my own shop @EarsAllRound (Which you can find above) Its open up on 1st Oct (Fingers crossed). So my blog now will be about beauty, lifestyle and disney because I am crazy over disney stuff and now my shop is making and selling disney ears.

While I have been away I have still been reading other blogs and finding out what I actually want to write about and i finally did but I know for a fact there are far more better beauty and lifestyle bloggers out there but I keep telling myself that they have been in business for a lot longer then me and they know a lot more about beauty then I do but I love wearing make up and looking after my skin so thats why I love speaking about it and talk about the new products I have treated myself to so thats what I'm planning on doing.

So going to the point now if why I have coming back over the past few months I have been thinking on and off but I am determined to do this again and write posts for me and just do it for a hobby for myself. So I will be including a few posts about my Lifestyle and Disney there will be a change in my post next year as I am moving to United States with my partner and starting a whole new life with him over there, So i will be doing alot of sightseeing and visiting Disney Land alot so there is going to be plenty of things for you all to read which is what you all want right? Me and my partner have whole new plans which I'm not going to tell you all just yet so there will be updates about that for you all to know about and I cant wait to tell you more about it all.

So yeah without making this post super long these are the changes I will be doing my blog and I just wanted to update you all with what my changes are. But I want to also say I have been getting hate messages which have been driving me away from blogging also but I got to point where I am saying (Fuck it all) I am doing this for me its what I enjoy if you don't like my blog or some of the stuff I write about which i understand some people do and some people don't it happens to everyone but dragging people down and making them feel bad isn't the best thing to do. (Sorry had to get that off my chest) But yes guys I am back and pumped and ready to make my blog shine and make it how I want it to be. So I just want to say thank you to all the people that have been there for me through thick and thin and still supporting me. Don't forget to follow me on twitter to keep up to date with my blog @AmyElizPorter.

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  1. Congrats on your return to blogging. It is a lot of work, and can definitely be stressful finding a niche. I think it is good that you took time off to figure out how to go forward. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hiya Emily,
      Thank you so much for reading it really does mean alot :) Yes I did need that brake big time

  2. Welcome back! Breaks are good for everything in life :-)

  3. Welcome back! Blogging can be fun but can be stressful at the same time. Glad that you decided to go back.

  4. Welcome! I love that you've gone for a new look for your new start! Good luck for the new chapter!

  5. Welcome back! Sometimes we need to go away in order to see more clear where exactly we are and where we want to be.

  6. Welcome back!
    Taking a break from time to time is essential.. otherwise it gets too overwhelming. I took a break from social media in August and it felt great!


  7. I love that you took a break to see what you were really passionate about! I hope you find success with your new endeavor!


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