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Hellooo everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful day so far and enjoying your week. So I know this post should of been out AWHILE back now I have had these products for a couple of weeks now but I really wanted to try them all out before writing this post because I feel for the best reviews is to try them for a couple of days then I can tell you what I like and don't like about them but trust me there isn't going to be a lot of dislikes in this post.

Soo..Lets get right into this review

So of course you can see by the title and the photos (taken by me of course) its all about Zoella newest beauty range called Snowella but can we just take a new fews moments to look at how beautiful the products look and also how cute the name is? I mean OMFG! (Okay breath breath). I love the grey and the rose gold mixed with the soft pink it really brings them all together and they look so cute on my bathroom window really makes my bathroom more happy to be in.

So let me tell you what I got, got her hamper which she brings out every year with new products in this one is called Zoella Snowella Treasure Me Pampering Gift Kit. Now my partner treated me to this kit without me even knowing (bless him) I woke up one morning to my front door going to get a huge superdrug parcel with this HUGE gift set in it this gift set is sold in Superdrug and retails at £40.00 now I know you're thinking WOW thats pricey but I think it is a perfect gift for christmas if you love Zoella as much as I do.

In this gift set you get some amazing products and they smell great to so here is what you get in this bundle this year.

Snow Scoop - Bubble Bath
Snow Polished - Body Scrub
Snow Fresh - Body Wash
Snow Silky - Body Lotion
Winter Wonder Hand - Hand Cream
Splash Of Milk - Bath Powder
Snow Smooth - Body Butter

I love how you get a mixture of different things in this bundle but you have everything you need in one which Is another good thing about this gift set.  So let's move into what I think about them all then shall we? First of I want to say each one SMELLS amazing it really does smell like christmas in a bottle to me I use each product all the time (not all at once of course) Bubble Bath gives you great amount of bubbles depending of how much your pour into your bath, Body scrub leaves my skin so soft and really does take care of any dead skin cells, Body wash is light and fluffy and so moisturising in the skin and the scent is to die for, Body lotion I use this each time I have taken a bath or shower and it leaves my skin so soft and leave a small scent that isn't overpowering but every now and again you can smell how great it is, Winter Wonder Hand now I don't go anywhere with out this hand cream especially where I work my hands are always getting dry and having this on hand does wonders, Snow Smooth is just like the lotion but just more silky and melts into the skin. 

Now the only disappointing one is the Splash Of Milk now I know many people like these but to me these are not my cup of tea now I wont lie they smell great of course they do but adding them in my bath it wasnt what i was expecting to be fair yes is made my bath milky but I didnt make my skin feel soft like the rest of the product so this is the only disappointing product I wanted to tell you about.

(My extra treat Bubble Bath)
But overall guys I loved this range for 2017 they smell great they look great and they will make perfect christmas gifts this year or even just to treat yourself to something special and different. So well done Zoella you have brought now another amazing range and I cant wait to see the next one to add to my collection.

Until next time


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  1. This looks like such a gorgeous collection, she always gets her packaging spot on! You're so right about these making great gifts, I'm sure a lot of people would love to receive something from this range xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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