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* Bakerdays - Valentines Day Cake Review *

Hey guys! So as you can see by the title of this post, its time for another review! I was kindly asked by the amazing company bakerdays to review their new Valentine's cake range. Now I know that many people have heard about letter box cakes, but for those people who don't know about them (erm.. hello where have you been?) bakerdays is a popular cake company. They are based in Nottingham and create any cake you need for any occasion!  
They come in four different sizes;

⚫ Letterbox    
⚫ Small            
⚫ Medium       
⚫ Large            
⚫ 12 cupcakes
That's not best part though! They have nine different flavors of sponge cake to choose from! Now I think this is the hardest part about making or even picking a cake, finding the perfect flavor! For me I went with the traditional vanilla sponge! (No one can beat that right?)
 The nine different sponges you can choose from include;
⚫ Vanilla
⚫ Chocolate
⚫ Fruit Cake
⚫ Gluten Free Wheat 
⚫ Half and Half (vanilla & chocolate)
⚫ Dairy Free
⚫ Red Velvet
⚫ Lemon Drizzle
⚫ Marble

So the cakes I decoded to go for was the perfect red lips. At first I couldn't decide which one I wanted, but after having a look at them all this one really caught my eye! When it arrived the next day it was so cute, I didn't even want to eat it! Not only that, it smelled so incredible. The letter box is the perfect size to treat yourself, loved ones, friends, or family! However, this one was ALL for me! The portion size is about 3-4 slices each, but you can make it around 6 slices (then the slices wont be as big).

Bakerdays sent my cake in such perfect condition, which is another point I wanted you all to know! It came all bubble wrapped and stored so well that you could probably drop it on the floor and the cake wouldn't move an inch! (I know overthinking!) It came stored in a cute tin all sealed to keep the cake fresh.

The sponge was soft and creamy I couldn't have just one bite though. I think I ended up eating half the cake in one go! But that's how good they are. You can taste the Vanilla, it was just the best cake I have ever had! It has the perfect amount of icing too, which is another huge bonus because I know many people don't like a lot of icing.

Overall I'm so thrilled with this cake and I would highly recommend bakerdays to everyone who is reading this. You can add your own photos and words to make each cake even more special and unique. Then have it delivered straight to your door the very next day, now who doesn't want that?

You can find all of bakerdays information right here so you can order your very own letterbox cake! (remember valentines day is coming up) If you're struggling with what to get your loved one, nothing says I love you more than a personalized letterbox cake!

Thank you to bakerdays for letting me review one your stunning Valentine's letterbox cakes. Please don't forget to head on over to their social media account and also follow me here. Everything will be below for you, so go on and check them out!

Until next time


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