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Everyday Essentials I Keep In My Handbag

Now I have been seeing a lot all over Youtube and different blog pages people writing about what they have inside the bags and I wanted to do the same with you today and tell you 'Everyday Essentials I Keep In My Handbag' because I know many of us girls like to know what we keep in there don't we? (no just me? okay!), Well I'm going to jump straight into this post.

The main thing I always keep is, of course, my purse, Now I know everyone doesn't leave the house without taking their purses with them and I'm just the same because the amount of time I've gone without my purse then needed to buy something then looking and see I don't have it then you start saying some naughty words inside your head. My purse I'm loving at the moment is from Ted Baker and I know many of us girls love out Ted Baker purses.

My keys now this is 100% must in my bag otherwise I wouldn't be able to get inside my house once I've finished work haha. Now there isn't an awful a lot I can say about keys because keys are keys! But of course, they match my purse all pretty and pink.

My Eos lip blam now I have so attached to this brand of lip balm at the moment not only is the packaging cute but the scent is amazing and it really does help my lips stay soft in the chilly weather we have at the moment now I do suffer from cracked lips in the winter and having this on hand is always my life saver I have gone for coconut milk and it tastes unreal!

Always ultra pads, Now I know this a random part to talk about but some girls I know I'm not the only one out there who has these in the bag in case of an OPPS accident (yep been there done that). But yes I always keep at least three in the bag just in case. But if your reading this don't be embarrassed about talking about having these in your purse I know some young girls can get embarrassed but honestly, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I always have to have a body spray and I have been loving Zoella Botanic'Eau which is her summer range and it smells divine! I'm on my second bottle already and it hasn't even been out that long. I know there are so many Zoella fans out there! Do you have this one in your bag?

What are your everyday essentials in your bag then? I would love to know what you can't leave the house without comment below and let me know what you always keep in your day wherever you go.

Much Love



  1. Ommmg your photos are so pretty! :D Love the flowery background. And omg these are such essential yet cute things :D I love it! Wow at the ted baker wallet and Zoella perfume ;0

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! I love it also its amazing what you can get off ebay XD x

  2. Lip gloss is always in my bag and my purse.

  3. I pinned this! I put it as Lifestyle and Beauty!

  4. I always keep Advil in my purse to banish headaches when I'm trying to have a good time!

    1. Always good to keep some pain killers with you at all time :)

  5. I love the photos!
    I barely use bags, haha. Just keep everything in my pockets :P


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