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Zoella - Cordially Invited Book Review

Now if you follow Zoella on social media like I do then you will all know about her newest book release which came out on 4th October 2018 and of course, I had to add this one to my collection and this one has so many different things to do for each season which is perfect.

" A seasonal guide to hosting any occasion and making a memory out of every day"

So I wanted to write about what this book included and also why I'm loving it so much and it has given me so many ideas for Autaum this year to make a memory out of every day.

So as we all know the first season to a new year is Spring and there is so much we can do in springtime watching and seeing all of the trees and flowers grow back. We also know that springtime also includes Easter and I know how much we all love having chocolate on Easter! But in Zoe's book what she includes in springtime is.

Spring to do list
Easter to do list
American Pancakes
Easter Bunting
Decorative Easter Biscuits
Milk Chocolate Nests
Flower Arranging

She also includes many other food recipes in her Spring season and there is that much to do in springtime I'm looking forward to seeing what she has planned in the Summertime.

 Now I know so many people love Summertime and I can see why with having blue skies. The high temperatures that we all love being able to wear all of our summer clothes and even going on holiday, pub gardens, paddling pools, pool parties, BBQ's and be able to stay out later in your own garden because the evening was still nice and warm. So Zoe does a lot of things in the summertime so I see on her Instagram and youtube.

Summer To Do List
Garden Party
Tropical Leaf Garland
Chalkboard Signs
The Drinks Bar
Summer Herb Garden
Beach BBQ
Pizza Party
Ice Cream Sundae Bar

And just like Spring she also includes a lot of summer foods which I'm looking forward to making next year.

Autumn! I'm so happy its autumn time right now I love watching the leaf change pumpkin spice scents and flavors come back, a chilly night so you can snuggle up in PJ's, hot chocolates, Halloween and so much more. I love being able to buy new autumn clothes and lighting my favorite candles. You can read my post on What I Love About Autumn to know more about what I love about it. Now I know Zoe loves autumn it's her favorite time of year. And here is what she loves doing.

Autumn To Do List
Decorative Pumpkins
Halloween Grab Bags
Spooky Chocolate Skeleton Biscuits
Autumn Walks
Autumn Leaf Wreath
Bonfire Nights
Friends Night In

And just like the other season, she includes a lot of Autumn food ideas, hot drinks and how to keep cozy in the evenings.

Now I know winter is a hit and miss for some people to be fair I don't like it being too cold but I know many people don't but winter mean CHRISTMAS! and I love Christmas so much and I know Zoe dose also. (But now I think about it she likes all the seasons) But she always makes her house look amazing in the winter really makes me want to redo my house just like hers especially around Christmas time her house is magical! So the things Zoe like about winter included.

Aromatic Orange Slices
Christmas Place Names
Gingerbread Houses
Rainy Day Den
New Year
The Perfect Cheeseboard
Weekend Brunch
Setting The Table
And of course includes her favorite winter foods she loves.

So altogether her new book has so many wonderful ideas that you can all do for each season this book has given me so much inspiration on how to enjoy each time of year and enjoy it with the people that I love. So I would highly recommend this book to anyone that would love some help on how to spend each season and make them more memorable.
The photos are amazing the cover is amazing the whole book is just amazing! and I can't wait for next year so I can do each and everything she Zoe loves to do and share with you all.

Have you got your copy yet?

Much Love x


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