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Loughborough Fair - 17th November 2015

*All photos are taken by me please don't steal
Hey guy's hope your all doing well, So recently I went to my local town fair in Loughborough and I want to tell you about it and what I also thought about the fair
so I hope you enjoy reading.
*All photos are taken by me please don't steal
Loughborough fair comes ever year in November for a week and then moves on to its next town. The first night I went was with one of my closes friends Emmie (Btw check out her blog by clicking her name) and her partner Jordan. It was great to have a catch up with her and just spending some time together talking about what we have been up to and about ours blogs and different events that are coming up. As we walked around the fair we went on a few rides that were there all three of us went of twister I felt so sorry for Jordan as he was being crushed while we going round, as we carried on walking round I saw a ride that I've never seen before called Bull riding (or something like that!) Emmie and Jordan both went on that together just watching them both having a laugh was great and also funny as well because Emmie didn't fall off once as Jordan did a few times one moment you see him then next you don't. As we carried on walking round Jordan wanted to win Emmie a teddy bear and tried he's best on basket ball and the ball bucket challenge (cant remember the actual name of it) he was determined to win her a teddy bear and he did in the end. It was a brilliant night spending time with both of them and just have a laugh I couldn't think of a better way of spending a night out in the fair.
*All photos are taken by me please don't steal
The second time I went was with one of my old friends called Ricky who I have known since I was like 4 years old! The last time I saw him was about 8 years ago so we had so much to catch up on. It felt amazing seeing him again because of how long it has been we had a amazing catch up on what we have been up to recently and where were working and everything now and how each other family's are doing as well. Once we got to the fair we had a good walk round before going on anything but once we had our walk round we both needed something to eat so we both went to get a burger and some sweet (we both have a sweet tooth). But the amount we was eating we felt so fat afterwards!. We went on king frog and then Miami wave and that was the one that made us feel so sick afterwards and it seem to go on for ages as well but we had a great laugh while we was on it. Once we finished on the rides we were both feeling to sick to go on anything else so we both decided to go home. But was arrange to meet up again afterwards and we have been in contacted ever since that night.
*All photos are taken by me please don't steal
What I thought about the fair this year
I wasn't very happy with the fair this year as it wasn't a big as it used to be and there wasn't many rides either it was mostly food stand which was good because everyone gets there dinner while there out walking around. But I was disappointed that some of the most popular rides weren't there this year but I thought it might be because I used to love it more when I was younger just being the age I am now it just not the same anymore but it a great night out if you just fancy being out of the house for a few hours or even to meet up with a couple of friends or even family. If you have never been to Loughborough fair before I would see it next year when it come again if you enjoy these kind of things but I'm hoping next year it will be a lot bigger. Loughborough fair you are great but you wasn't so great this year I'm sorry I had to say that.
If any of you local and visited this fair this year let me know your thought of I comment below.
Much Love

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