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Quorn Railway Station Bonfire Show - 7th November 2015

*All photos are taken by me please don't steal
Hey guy's so its that time of year where the fireworks are going off and people are snuggling around fires drinking hot chocolate or even a pint or two.
I wanted to share with you the local bonfire show I went to for my step dads birthday on bonfire night at Quorn Railway Station I hope you enjoy!
*All photos are taken by me please don't steal
So its was my step dads birthday and for a family night out we went to watch the bonfire show at our local railway station I have visited this station many times before as this is where we bring out steam engine to on our local steam rally's. Every year they host their bonfire show and have many different entertainment things to do and see for adults and children of all ages. They have there own little coffee shop which is always busy and full of your old war time items photos and even books which I think is great for the kids to read and even learn about. They have their English teas and coffee's and creams cakes which are to die for, fresh each day and homemade. They also do their popular warm food, English breakfast, soup's, jacket spuds and many other things as well. So if you ever catching a train at this station don't forget to pop in to have a cuppa!.
*All photos are taken by me please don't steal
They also had many different fair rides for children to keep them entertained while waiting for the bonfire to be lit and the firework show to start. The rides where always full and hearing all the children laughing and screaming shows they were having a great time. Any place with fair rides there is always food stands which every one needs to warm them up and of course they did even though they had there café they still also had burger vans and hot chocolate stands and many more. The prices where a bit pricey but they're making money I guess and if people are hungry they will pay the price which I did of course. Also me being a kid I had to get my candyfloss. Cant beat having some candyfloss!
*All photos are taken by me please don't steal
Once it came closer to the bonfire being lit everyone started to gather round. What I thought was great is they had a professional to light the fire and had local firemen around to watch the fire and to also make sure we were all safe as well. Once the fire was up and going the heat was amazing especially how cold it was that night as well you could have roasted some marshmallows from the heat but I never thought to take any with me. There must of been over 1,000 people around the fire but once the fireworks started the atmosphere was amazing! Everyone who was working on the railway that night were friendly and always there to help you if you needed it and knowing the locals who work on the station is even better.
*All photos are taken by me please don't steal
The fire work show was amazing just like every year, they never disappointed me so far the show lasted for about 30mins but the time flew by the amount of money they spent for this show would be a lot for the amount of fire works that went off. They had their standard ones, Catherine wheels and for the big finish of course they have the huge ones which everyone loved as all you could hear was "Oooo and Ahhh!" To me it was a perfect way to spend my daddy's birthday as he loves his trains and visiting the station. I love seeing him having a smile on his face and he, like me inside getting all excited over fireworks! we're both still kids at heart. But come on who doesn't love fireworks?
*All videos are taken by me please don't steal
So if you didn't get to go this year I would recommend going next year its a brilliant night out even if its with your family or even your friends.
Hope you enjoyed reading!
Much Love

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