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Trip to Nottingham - 30th November2015

Trip to Nottingham
Hello my beauties! Hope your all doing well on this cold windy day. On Saturday I went to Nottingham with my sister Emma and her partner Scott. So I had to wake up early on my weekend off work not that I'm complaining about it, well maybe a little! Traveling to Nottingham we went to - Loughborough Train Station - because it would be easy and faster to get there as - Nottingham Forest - were playing which by the way won 3-1 but moving on.
 I cant remember the last time I went to Nottingham town centre must of been over 4 years ago maybe more. I knew one shop I had to go into was of course - Lush -
I didn't think It would be so busy but I was wrong! It was packed with people getting Christmas gifts which I think would be the perfect gift for anyone who is addicted to - Lush - this is the first time I went to this shop and it much bigger then my local one and there is so much more choice I didn't know where to start!. I don't know how long I was in here for must of been 30-40 minutes. WOOPS!
I had to go to my favourite part of the shop the - Bath Bombs - which I think is there most popular part of there stores its was packed! I was surprised I could even get in to have a look around. The smells were to die for and the layout of the shop looked amazing, the staff members were all so friendly and were there to help you whenever you needed help and also what I think is great about them is they show you demo's of different - Baths Bombs & Bubbles Bars - which is good because there were a couple of new people that never used - Lush - before while I was there. The demos they showed were - Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - and also - Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - I couldn't help but watch the bath bomb do it thing! Even though my sister what standing outside waiting for me but I just couldn't stop watching all the colours and bubbles and even the smells! - Golden Wonder - if definitely one of my best Christmas bath bombs on the seasons they do, I think many of you can agree with me on that one as well.
I haven't been a fan of - Lush - for long and now every time I see one of there stores I just have to go in and have a look and I ALWAYS come out buying something its just so hard not to!. There are so many different Christmas gift boxes that I never knew they did. I love these because they come already wrap with amazing wrapping paper and cute bows. The different products you get in them as well are brilliant depending on which ones you like of course. I couldn't choose which one I wanted to buy for my friends gifts and I'm still choosing now, If you can give me any ideas then please let me know would love your thoughts on the best gift box to give.
Of course I couldn't come away empty handed there were two - Bath Bombs - I haven't tried yet in the Christmas collection I have a few followers on my Instagram that have used these two and said there just amazing on your skin and look eye popping in your baths as well. So I had to buy - Peeping Santa Bubble Bar - and - Father Christmas - I love the smell of the - Father Christmas - one I'm temped not to use it at all and just have it In my room just to make my room smell like it! I know I'm weird right. Another item I had to buy was the most popular shower gel they have - Snow Fairy Shower Gel - this is to die for I cant believe I never knew about this before now I cant believe the smell so sweet and amazing! I use it every single day and I don't think I would change it for anything else so I think I need to stock up before they go away after Christmas.

While we was in - Nottingham - we visited another one of my favourite shops - Yankee Candles - I don't know what I do if this shop wasn't here or even if you couldn't buy the candles online or even in different shops. I never knew that had a store anywhere close I thought it was just all online. There store was all done up for Christmas with all there new range of Christmas candles and burners. I've never really been a fan of there Christmas specials they have each year I'm the original kind of girl my best ones I love from them are - Pink Sands, Summer Scoops, Mango Salsa, Baby Powder, Sweet Strawberry, Strawberry Buttercream - There are many more but I would be here for days telling you them all. How they had them all displayed was eye catching it was like a rainbow going from red to blue every colour you can think off. This place was packed out as well so I couldn't get round the whole store to have a good look around, but ill have to pop back to visit when I get the chance and to stock up on more candles when the ones I have are all finished.

So yeah when it finally time to come home I was to relived my feet were killing me and I was soaked walking back to - Nottingham Train Station - Just felt amazing getting home and getting into my PJS with a cuppa tea.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post guys
Much Love


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