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Baking - Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

*All photos are taken and edited by me*
Hey guy's so its not long until Christmas now and this is the time of year that I drink so much hot chocolate I have one nearly every night before I go to bed and I thought because it Christmas I would try making a Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, You know what it teased amazing! So I'm going to tell you what I used and how I made mine and hopefully if your a fan of hot chocolate and candy cane you will try making this yourself.
What I used
3 Candy Cane's
4 Tsps. Hot Chocolate Powder
1 Cup of Milk
Squirty Cream
Pick out your favourite mug that you just love drinking your hot chocolate out of. Pour in your milk into your cup and that will be how much milk you will need to use depending on the size of your cup. Pour your milk into a pan over a medium heat to warm up (Don't let it burn!). Once your milk starts to warm up add you chocolate powder and mixed until all combined together. Crush two of you candy canes and pour into your hot chocolate (Save a small amount of candy cane aside) crushing your candy cane will make it easier to melt in your hot chocolate. Once its all melted and heated up pour into your cup and add marshmallows on top followed by a nice amount of squirty cream on top. Top off with your spare crushed candy cane and sprinkle on top and add a full candy cane in and there you have a perfect festive hot chocolate.
*All photos are taken and edited by me*
I hope you enjoyed reading and evening trying this hot chocolate if you have made one before or tried this method then comment below and let me know or if you have festive hot chocolate then please share for me to try.
Much Love

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