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Lifestyle - 8 Things I Love About Winter

 *All photos are edited by me*
Hey guy's so a couple of months ago I did a post on What I Love About Autumn and now were in the season of winter I wanted to share with you some things I love about winter to you all. I know everyone loves a different season's but there are a few things out of each season I love so its hard to pick just one that I love the most. So here are 8 things I love about winter I hope you enjoy!.
1. Coat's - Hats - Scarfs - Gloves
There is nothing better then wrapping up warm in your biggest coat and scarfs and hats just being all snuggled up in your favourite things just feels amazing knowing you can go outside and stay warm and still look amazing.
2. Hot chocolate - Soups
This season is another great reason for hot chocolate with some mini marshmallows and cream lets not forget the cream! Just having the taste of a sweet treat hitting your throat and end up having cream on the end of your nose is the best thing. Also having a nice cup of warm soup as well to warm your insides is also fantastic as well.
3. Log fires
Being in front of a log fire always makes me feel so festive! just sitting there with family or friends with a cuppa tea or hot chocolate watching some Christmas films are the best times of winter. 
4. PJ'S - Blankets.
Everyone loves being in there PJ'S and winter is the perfect excuse to always be in them as soon as I finish work I go straight back into my warmest PJ'S put on my winter socks and my fluffy dressing gown and my best slippers. Even thought I have all them on there is also a perfect time to have a blanket wrapped round you as well.
5. Season Candles.
I love candles any time of the year but I always seem to use them a lot more during winter I feel more relaxed having them lit while I'm relaxing watching TV or even having a relaxing bath. But what I love is Yankee Candles always bring out there winter collection of candles which I just love but it so hard to chose what scent to burn.
6. The First Snow and Frost of the year.
When its been snowing or there is light frost first thing in the morning some of the amazing views I see from my bedroom window are just beautiful. Just seeing that jack frost has been and done he's job like he dose every year makes me feel so festive even my family to!although I always slip over no matter how carefully I walk!.
7. Bonfire night.
One of my main loves about winter is bonfire night! Everyone loves bonfire night and just being able to be around a huge fire with my family watching the amazing firework displays with a hot chocolate or a warm latte being warmed inside and out.
8. Christmas Time and Decorations.
I know one main reason everyone loves winter is because Christmas is on it way! that's means decorating your house with the perfect tree with gifts all around seeing houses covered in lights and seeing your local town with there Christmas tree and decorations! But also hearing and watching the Christmas carols and Christmas shows. Seeing all the lights and shops show there Christmas displays just makes everyone feel so festive.
So there we go guys there are my 8 things I love about winter. What do you love about winter? I would love to know what you think.
Hope your enjoyed reading!
Much Love

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