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 Hey guy's so most of this week I've been catching up with some of fellow bloggers I know, and I want to share with you some of the girls post I've loved reading so far. I love reading different blogs and see all the different hobbies and actives they all do for there own. I think I amazing. So here are my top posts I've been reading this week check them all out!
- Ellie-bee -
Ellie was tagged in my Christmas tag post and just posted her tag as well with a amazing recipe that I will be trying next week at some point. If your into baking like my self then go check Ellie blog out there is so many different recipes she has and they all look so YUMMY!
Sherry has also been tagged in my Christmas tag post and I had a read and I love it! specially her surprise trip from her partner she was given. Cant beat a trip to PARIS! so go a head and have a read of her post guys! and don't forget to follow!

- Luice-Klaus -
I came across Luice on twitter and I checked out her blog and saw this post about a LUSH SPA! and I had to read and its a brilliant post I think will be looking for a lush spa so I can try it all out myself. If your a huge fan of Lush like I am and love reading reviews of different lush things then go and check out her blog guys.

- Dorkface -
I love dorkfaces post I've been reading from the minute I joined her -GirlGang- group I've been reading her blog about Eloquence Beauty I had heard of this product from my family but never thought anymore about it and then I saw Jemma wrote about them and I just had to check it out and now I'm thinking of trying these my self so go head and have a read guys and don't forget to join her Girl gang as well.

- Carpediememmie -
I have known Emmie for many years now and hers was the very first blog I've ever read and I love all of her posts that amazing but one I've loved reading this week is her Christmas movie one, I love knowing people favourite Christmas films and Emmie has just done that and some of choices she has made are great best films I've seen as well. Check her out guys!

So there are some of the blogs I've been reading this weekend don't forget to check them all out yourself!

Much Love

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