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Lifestyle - What I Got For Christmas

*all photos are taken and edited by me*
Hey guys! Hope you are all well, So Christmas has come and gone and now we are coming up to new year and I'm sure many off you have plans for the new year already, But anyways I wanted to share with all you what I got from Santa this year. I love sharing with you all the different stuff I buy or even get as gifts and because its Christmas I thought why not!
So I hope you enjoy reading.
*all photos are taken and edited by me*
Lipsy - Michelle Keegan jumper / New Look Ankle Boots
I'm a big fan of Michelle Keegan new line of clothes and when I saw this jumper I just knew I had to ask for this and I'm so glad I found it under my tree this year. And of course I had to ask for some shoes to got with the jumper to make a great outfit I adore these shoes even thought they make 10 times taller but they are so worth it.
DVD's - Fifty Shades Of Grey / Once Apon A Time - Season 3
I had to ask for fifty shades of grey well it was on a list of dvds I wanted I know many people aint a fan of this film but I think its great so it had to be added to dvd collection. Now I've been watching Once apon a time and now I'm addicted to this programme and I've just started buying the dvds to add to my TV programme collection and I'm so glad I got my next season.
Yankee Candles / Bath Bomb's
Now I have been a fan of candles for years now and I was so happy that I had two different sets off my best friends for Christmas and the ones I got were the very first Christmas one's I've ever got so I'm excited to light these and see how they are. Bath bombs of course I got given some bath bomb's I was given three different sets of bath bombs I had a one from lush of course! and I have two different sets from Jonles and Not Just Flowers these little gifts set are so cute Jonles came with five mini floral bath fizzers in pink and yellow an Not Just Flowers came with two pink and blue hearts and floating flowers for my bath. 
Millie Marotta's - Animal Kingdom Colouring Book
When I first saw these in my local WHSmiths I thought they would be a brilliant idea to have so I brought one for myself many many months ago and I find them so relaxing after a stressful day, I was planning on getting the Animal Kingdom one after Christmas but when I open is Christmas moning I was so happy and I just couldn't wait to start colouring in again (Reminds me off my childhood.)
Elemis - Sweet Orchid Skin Care
Now Elemis is my number one skin care brand and I will never change It for anything different I've been need some more Elemis for awhile now but it one of them skin cares where it will either be a Christmas gift or even a birthday gift because of how pricey it can be. When I open this one I never seen this scent before but I was told is the new brand for Christmas which wasn't coming back out afterwards which is a shame because the smell of sweet orchid is just to die for.
Chocolate's / Ginger Bread Tree
I'm sure just like everyone else you was given chocolate this year of course you did. When I was given a cute ginger bread tree I really don't want to eat it because it looks so cute but I love my ginger bread so I just had to end up eating it in the end. I was given some luxury chocolates from my manager at work and just like everyone else a perfect selection box which didn't last five minute's with me.
No.7 Pink Nail Varnish
I was given a cute little Christmas cracker in my gift bag which I wondered what is was and when I open it a little bottle of No.7 pink varnish fell out and how small it was it SO CUTE! and being pink as well ticks all the boxes so that another one added to nail collection. 
*all photos are taken and edited by me*
I hope you enjoyed reading what I got from Santa this year and I would love to hear from you, What did you get for Christmas this year? Don't forget to share below I would love to know what you all got if you wrote a blog post then share so I can visit and have a read.
Much Love

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