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Oliver The Musical - The Cuvre Theatre Leicester

Oliver The Musical
The Curve Theatre - Leicester
Watched - 02nd December 2015
 Don't you just love going to the theatre any time of the year? Of course you do. I've always been a big fan of musicals and I love going to watch my favourite ones. So I went to see Charles Dickens number one musical Oliver Twist, because everyone loves picking a pocket or two! When I saw Oliver was at the Curve theatre I just knew I had to go and see it.
I cant believe how long its been since I last watched Oliver Twist on DVD yet alone on stage when I watched it I couldn't remember much of the film and I was just like watching it all over again for the first time on 3D! When my sister told me she got tickets I was so excited.
Oliver Twist
Liam Carr & Albert Hart
Artful Dodger
Joel Fossard-Jones & Kwame Kandekore
Bill Sikes
Oliver Boot
Cat Simmons
Peter Polycarpou
Mr Bumble & Mr Brownlow
James Gant & John Griffiths
There are many many more!
The set for this musical/tour was amazing high standers everything looking like the film and how it all work together for each scene was amazing. Just changing from scene to scene and having the extras helping as well just made it all work so perfectly so the stage was just as amazing as the musical.
The actors were on point made no mistakes at all could hear them perfectly clear and sounding just like the original characters as well. I was very proud of all the younger boys knowing all there lines and there dances and also look super cute as well. Many of the cast members have been in some TV hit shows like Doctors, The Bill, Stars In There Eyes, Heartbeat and many more.

All together I would recommend seeing Oliver if you haven't seen it before so grab some tickets while you can or even wait until it comes to Leicester again, Everyone was singing along to the classic songs which made it a great atmosphere to be in. Every dance was perfectly choreographed some of the moves were amazing! The music, singing, dancing, acting everything was just unbelievable!  There were a couple of songs that wasn't in the film that I noticed but the director made it work. So if your a Oliver Twist fan like myself.

One part of the musical that made jump out of my seat was the scene where Bill Sikes killed Nancy and was sadly shot by the officers, I knew the gun fire was coming and I was waiting and waiting and once they shot it, It just made me jump out of my sit had to be the time when I wasnt ready for it.

Overall Paul Kerryson did a brilliant job with this whole musical he should be proud of himself I know the whole audience would be proud of him. Each scene was just eye popping just like every dance and song it just made you want to be up there with them all.

Oliver Twist should be on your things to see!

Oliver is running until 23rd January 2016 if you fancy going to watch it yourself then you can buy your tickets here

Thanks for reading

Much Love


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