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Cancer Research UK / Race For Life

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Hey guys hope your all doing well, I've recently found out that one of my friends I used to work with has been diagnosed with breast cancer! and its really hit me and I want to try everything I can to help her KICK CANCER ASS! and help all the other 100.000 women out there are battling breast cancer.
There are many different events you can do to support people with cancer of any type so if you have any free time to join one of there events that would be amazing! There are many different types of cancer out there and people are still dyeing from these horrible disease Cancer Research UK are the most successful charity of the whole year.
Everyday over 400 people are diagnosed with cancer will survive from all the 10 years of research but that's not everyone and we want everyone to survive and this is where you come in ladies!
When finding out that my friend Rachael has been diagnosed with breast cancer and went for her first treatment today I knew there and then I want to help her and many other women out there who are going through this battle and I'm asking for you help as well. Can you help us?
Make sure you check your breast at lest once a month and if you feel anything that your not happy with then go see your GP right away! the sooner its found the quick it is to beat.
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Anything you can give or even do will help the thousand of people out there at the moment even if its donating a small amount of money to help the research. You can donate on Cancer Research UK website here or even visit one of there local shops in your town every penny go straight there research.
They do many different events which include
- Charity Runs -
- Charity Walks -
- Charity Challenges -
- Special Events -
- Social and cultural events -
and many more do any of these take your fancy? If so then please help in any way you can.
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I have chosen to do race for life this year to support my friend and raise as much money as I can to help everyone, and I want you to come along and help as well come find you local event and lets beat cancer! You can chose from
- 5k Events -
- 10k Events -
- Pretty Muddy -
- Half Marathon -
- Marathon - 
If you are interested is doing one of life changing events you can find everything you need on Race for Life website here.
Also don't forget ladies on the 4th February is World Cancer Day so please show your support in buying one of there new cancer knot bands you can also find these on there website here or you can find them in you local research shop they cost £2 and that £2 goes straight towards cancer.
Also I would love for you to tweet me your photos of you wearing you bands to show your support tweet me at @MyLifeStyleAmy
So ladies can you help us beat cancer? I know we all can so what are you waiting for? Get running or donating!.
For you Racheal!
I love you Racheal and I know you will beat cancer ass you are a strong amazing women and you have so many people around you supporting you family and friends and we all love you to bits!. We are all here for you when ever you needs us just give us a call I'm doing this run or you! Show us how strong you truly are beautiful! Always here! Love you lots!
Thank you so much for reading guys!
Don't forget to comment below.
Much Love

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