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Lifestyle - What I would to do in 2016

 *All photos are made and edited by me*
 Happy new years guys! so the first few days of January 2016 have already come and gone. But I hope you all had a good new year and didn't get to drunk! (I'm sure many of you did!). There a few things I want to do this year to my blog and I want to share with you all the ideas and things I going to improve on. NEW YEAR NEW ME/BLOG! But if you have any ideas or post related to what I have below then please don't forget to comment below.
So here are some of my goals that I want to do to my blog this year I hope you enjoy reading!.
 *All photos are made and edited by me* 
Crafting Tutorials and Posts
I've been wanting to do crafting posts for awhile now, Because crafting is one thing I love doing I've been craft drawing anything craft wise ever sine I was younger and I know many of you might be crafters as well so I wanted to share with you some ideas that I love and also step my step guides on how to make stuff as well. I'm hoping in some point I can sell some of my craft but only time can tell. So keep an eye out for my new posts.
 *All photos are made and edited by me*
Baking Tutorials and Posts
I just love baking different yummy treats for myself and even my family I do have my own little business which I make cupcakes and cakes from Birthday cakes, Wedding cakes, Occasion cakes so if you ever need one you know where I am! But I love sharing with you all different treats I make and to hear back from you and how much you love them means the world to me so I wanting to share a lot more post with you this year. What would you like me to make?
 *All photos are made and edited by me* 
Artwork Tutorials
I know I've already done a few posts on my art work I've done so far and I have also done a couple of different step by step guides as well, So I'm wanting share more step by step guides with you as drawing is one of my passion I'm always drawing or doodling no matter where I am. 
Well guy's there just a few goals I want to achieve this year for my blog. I've already started a craft post which should up and running very soon! once I've completed what I'm making and it will have every step to make it as well.
 If there is anything you would like me to make or even try and make then please comment below and let me know I'd love to hear from you all.
Much Love

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