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Cats the Musical Review - Christchurch Theatre Club

*All photos are taken by me* 
Performed by - Christchurch Theatre Club
Location - Loughborough Town Hall
Director - Michael Gamble

Hey guy’s so last weekend I went to see the production of Cats which was performed by the first amateur adult group with Christchurch Theatre Club I was given these tickets for my birthday last year and the day finally came around where I could see my favorite musical of all time and I want to share with you my review on this show.
I hope you enjoy!
The musical was first performed in 1982, Cats tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make what is known as "the Jellicle choice" and decide which cat will be sent to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life.
The Director/Choreographer Michael Gamble made a fanatic performance every dance had energy and just made you want to be part of the show, Each dance made of Cat come alive showing what there strong in and knowing is was an amateur performance all the dance as spot on I couldn’t take my eyes off them. The opening scene was so magical all the lights and smoke and the theme of the cats playing putting you on the edge of you seat. Then seeing all the cats coming out of every area of stage and even coming to the audience as well. The costumes, hair and make-up added great detail to each cat and made them come to life.
I’m so used to watching this musical on the DVD version seeing live with my own eye is completely different the thrill and energy just watching this show. Every arched back and licked paw, every extended leg and dip of the head created a convincing feline world. All of the performers had amazing singing voices as well and could hear every word and the style of singing fitted the character they were playing as well which I think was brilliant.
This story line is narrated by two main cats Rum Tum Tugger (Benjamin Hardy) and Munkustrap (Dale Collington) who both performed amazing showing you each cat and telling you how they live there life’s. Even the other Cats performing their own songs had perfect direction and the energy to make you sing along with them. My favorite song throughout the show was “Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer” This has been one of my best songs even as a child. Mungojerrie (Aaron Murray) and Rumpelteazer (Laura Baker) had the perfect singing voices for each of these PURRRING! Cats the dancing was perfectly performed as well. Watching the big dance number with everyone dancing at the “Jellicle Ball” was incredible! All the dancing was eye catching and throughout the whole production this scene was my favorite dance of all every move was perfectly done.
Of course you can’t forget the most loved song of this musical “Memory” who was sung by Grizabella (Lucy Gamble) her voice and acting was amazing as soon as I heard the music playing and watching her come to stage to sing this number one song was breath taking and me being me I just had to sing alone with her.
So altogether I loved this performance I so glad I was given tickets and being able to watch my number one musical of all time with my own eye’s if I could of watch it for the whole week they were there I would of done. I would like to congratulate CTC for their amazing performance of this show if you have never seen this musical I would recommend you go and see it or even watch the DVD. The whole show just took my breath away I didn’t want it to end I just fell in love with the whole show so incredible everyone who was involved in this production were amazing and did a brilliant job Well done!

What I also loved about this show is in the 15 minute brake some of the cats came out on to stage just being cats looking at us and having photo with the children and the adults and of course I had to have a couple of photos with them myself.

*All photos are taken by me*
*All photos are taken by me*
*All photos are taken by me*

I hope you enjoyed reading my review guy’s if you have been to see this show then comment below and let me know what you all thought about it as well I would love to hear from you all.
Much love


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