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Weekend In Skegness

Hey guy’s so this weekend just gone I went to visit my grandma in Skegness and also to have a couple days away to forget everything that’s been going on recently as well. I haven’t seen my grandma for a good few months, my mum and step dad go and visit her every month and I would love to go to each one but I just struggle getting the time off work at the moment I’m surprised I got this weekend off to go and see her.  When my mum told her I was coming up to see her she was really happy because of how long it has been and with losing my grandad over a year ago it’s still can be hard but when I’m at her house I know he’s there with us and I’m not going to lie he does show he there with us as well for example just me and grandma where watching TV in the living the my step dads mobile phone went fly off the sofa onto the floor and I saw it out the corner of my eye as well and the location it was on the sofa it couldn’t of fallen off its self so spooky!. Another time he came to visit it when I was in bed and Mitsi (my grandma dog) came and slept with me for a few hours and one of my grandma’s photos fell off all on its own and scared the hell out of me when I was just drifting off! And it also scared Mitsi she knows him around and went running back to grandma’s bed. But moving on from that subject.
When we finally arrived at Skegness it wasn’t long until we was down my local pub playing some bingo, my grandma goes every Friday and I won’t lie I’ve never played bingo before and I really enjoyed it each game we played I was always two away from a full house I almost won £80 was so annoyed every time but it was still fun. Once we finished playing bingo me and step dad had a few games of pool while my mum and grandma were doing the pub quiz and as normal I kept losing to my dad every time I played but at least I tried. After a few games it came to a meat raffle which I didn’t even knew they did in a pub but we did win that one! And that was Sunday dinner sorted. When we finally got home at like 1am I had a cuddle with Mitsi before bed time.

When Saturday morning came but I won’t lie it came to quick felt like I hadn’t slept at all that night it went that fast. Me my mum and step dad went for a walk round Skegness for a good few hours we went to fishing shop for my dad to get some new fishing gear after we were done there we just had a walk round the town centre and being like every person we had to go in some arcades of course who don’t while there walking around there? I always go on the 2p machine’s I love them plus it get rid of a few pennies as well. First I went on the minion one but I couldn’t win anything out of that one and then I went on a different one I found and won three different keyrings I was so proud of myself! I know there for kids but its memories.



After spending some times in the shops and playing on a few games we were starting to get quite hungry so we went to my mums and step dads chippy shop that they always come to when they come down best chip in Skegness so I’ve been told. When we got there I wanted to have a burger and chips I just really fancied a burger and a nice hot latte to warm myself back up from the cold windy day. The food was amazing for price you get so much and I couldn’t even eat it all it was that much but I could finish my latte I couldn’t leave that.
Once we finished out lunch we carried on having a walk around all the different shops and brought our self’s some different treats, While we was walking round I was told there was a new aquarium that was finished and we went in to have a look and my step dad treated me to a look round it was amazing having our photos took as a pirate before entering. Once we was In there we was greet by Captain Black (I think that was he name) on a big screen just telling us the story on how he sea life’s friend arrived here once he finished telling us he’s story we started making our way round and there was so many different fish it was unbelievable! It was pricey but it was worth every penny you spend learning about all these different animal as well is great while we was walking around I touch a snake for the very first time in my life! I told myself I would never touch one but I did and it felt nothing like I thought they would. While we was also walking round we saw that you can have diving lessons and actually swim with the sharks and fishes if I could swim I would have had ago if it wasn’t too pricey as well but never mind, I love that day it was so much fun I would defiantly be going back in there next time I go.
Once we was finished walking round the town on our way back we called in to a local pub called The Grange and me and my dad had a couple more games of pool and I actually won these ones finally cause he always beats me, While we were there the pub fire alarms started random going off so we was told to leave the pub and stand outside which we did but it all happened because something went off in the kitchen, There were a couple more people in the pub and as soon the alarm went off some women right 999 right away when there wasn’t nothing to even worry about so that made the fire service come for no reason. I know it might sound like it was a good idea to ring but being there was a whole different story the people who were there also acted like they knew everything about the fire service but they look stupid as anything! I know that’s mean to say but trust me you needed to be there and you would have thought the same thing. When we got back my gran’s we had a few hours just to relax and unwind so that was another moment to spend some time with little Mitsi moo I love her to bits!
Later on in the night we went back down to local pub nearby to watch the entertainment that was playing that night it was really good he sounded great as well sung a few songs that I didn’t even know but still good night having some drinks and just being with my family is the main thing, As time went on we didn’t get home till about 2am so as soon as I got into bed I was in the land of Zzz I was that tired.
  When Sunday morning came around I was a bit sad because I knew we was going home today and I wasn’t ready to go home yet but we had to. So we just spend the Sunday watching some TV but later on in the afternoon me and my step dad went back into Skegness for a walk round were I brought some more Yankee Candles yes I know! I buy loads of them but I can’t help it I love them so much! N the way back my dad wanted to go back to fishing shop to buy a new fishing box which he wasn’t sure he wanted to buy but in the end he did and to be honest it was worth it cause his older stuff is about broken now.
Sunday dinner time my mum and gran made an amazing beef Sunday dinner and I eat so much they were all surprised with how much I’ve eaten but I was hungry, I haven’t been eating well for a few weeks now after what I have been going through but I’m getting back on my feet now and started to get back to my normal self which is good. Once we finished out Sunday dinners we just watched some more TV and a good chat about different thing and as time rolled on we had to get back home ready for work the next morning.

So yeah that was my weekend away in Skegness I really hope you enjoyed reading this post guys, I’m sure many of you have been to Skegness some point in your life I would love to hear what you got up to while you was there.

Thank you again for reading my fellow followers

Much Love




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