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Laura Geller 6 Piece Cosmetic Collection | Beauty

Hey guys hope you’re all doing well! I’m sure you all are. I know I haven’t posted one of these in a few weeks so I wanted to share with you another post on beauty! There are so many different things I can’t live without. Like I’m sure many of you have as well, that’s a good question what can’t you live without? (Comment below).

So I hope you enjoy reading this post!

So in the post a few days ago I got my new set of make up now who doesn’t love make up? I ordered the TSV off QVC which was Laura Geller 6 Piece Mediterranean Journey Cosmetic Collection which if you like the look of this kit then you can order it here. If you struggling with which colour foundation to get then comment below and I will help you get the right one. I’m just as bad as my sister at the moment with make-up I never used to be bothered about make-up but now all of a sudden I can’t live without it, and with this new job now I can’t treat myself to new things that I want. So in this kit I got a few different thing which is everything I need all in one kit.

Baked Balance-n-Brighten Colour Correction Foundation

I got mine in Porcelain as I have really fair skin tone, this foundation is a powder based with all the different colours which cover so many different parts that you want to cover up. The swirl of soft tan, and cream give you a perfect looking skin.

NEW Baled Mediterranean Bronzer

If you like a bit more colour to your skin and add shape and detail then this bronzer will be for you! Made with three different mattes. Each application gives you flawless sun-kissed colour and hydration plus you will glow throughout the seasons.
Baked Colour eyeshadow split
These matte eyeshadows feature domes of pressed powder with two amazing shades of warm bronze and cool pearl, These colour are all me even thought I do like making my eye pop but I like have neutral looking colours which is these two shades by far! These feel creamy to touch and you can use them wet or dry which I think is perfect as well.
Kajal Long Wear Eyeliner
This creamy chocolate eye pencil is in their brand new colour which looks amazing on its bulletproof and long wearing, so make your eye make-up look more popped! And last a lot longer than any other eyeliner out there use it wet to even make a new dramatic look to your eye.
Love Me Dew Lip Crayon
This burnt plum lip colour can be as light or as dark as you want to wear it depending on what mood you in on the day. With the scent of chocolate and with Vitamin E, this crayon features a hydrating formula with a luxurious blam-like texture with shiny and not sticky! It feels like you’re not even wearing any lipstick at all.
New Tote Bag & Double Ended Face Brush
This kit comes with an amazing bag as well which I am now using as my make-up it comes in an amazing size which is perfect for even a day bag as well. And the colours and designs is eye catching as well. The double ended brush for face and eyes is super soft and helps you apply you make up so much easier.

I really hope you enjoyed this post if you use this brand of make-up then please let me know what kit of Laura Geller you are using I would love to know. If you’re interested in this kit and need help choosing which one you need then don’t forget to comment below and I will help you out

Thanks for reading guys until next time!

Much Love
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  1. Hey Amy!
    Another great post I was watching this TSV when it was in TV but I have to much make-up I couldn't buy anymore just yet!


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