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Five Things 004

Hey guy’s hope you’re all doing well and had a amazing weekend! Did you all get up to anything special? Let me know below. Anyways I noticed I haven’t posted Five Things of the Week for a good few weeks now and I wanted to start a fresh with now and I’m going to tell you about the past 4 weeks on this post but picking out my top 5 moments of them weeks.
I hope you enjoy reading this post!
Becoming Assistant Manager at Magnolia Boutique.
So over 3 weeks ago now I was offered a job working for Venetia at Magnolia which is her new store she just opened you can find more about it here. When she offered me the job I thought it would be the same as my last job just part-time doing sales assistant work. But when she told me it will be full-time management I was so happy to be finally going where I want to go and no doing the same thing over and over again. I was helping build the shop up and I was getting more and more exited for the big opening which was 25th March 2016. So the past 3 weeks I’ve loved every moment off it the stock we have is amazing and it’s just a beautiful store so if you live local come and check it out and say hello.

6th Driving Lesson.
So I’ve had all together at the moment 6 driving lessons (Which is annoying cause I was hoping to have more by now) I’ve been told I’m doing perfectly well in starting and stopping but she wanted me to try doing a 3 point turn! AHHH I was so scared of doing that one but you have to learn don’t you. So anyways I give it ago and being me I had a mistake but it was only my first go of course I would do something wrong but more practice and I will be fine. *Fingers Crossed*

Visiting my Brother Adam and he’s partner Laura.
So myself my mum and step dad went over to my brothers house to have a nice family night together I hadn’t seen my brother since Christmas I don’t think I can’t remember, anyways we went round and had a really good time ordering a take away and watching some TV and just having a good catch up really it was are really lovely night.

Having my hair cut.
I had my hair cut about 6 months ago to a style I had my eye on for a long while and I thought I’m going to go for it. After the past 6 months it go longer and longer to wear it was annoying me again but I was in one of them stages do I or don’t I? So I went for it I had it done at work by Holly who has her own salon in the mill its self. Its alot alot shorter then what I wanted it but now I’m getting used to it and I really do like it it’s something different so yes I’m happy with my hair now and finally dyed it so it looks even better now.

Having a shopping haul.
So yes with getting better wage packets I just had to go and do some shopping like every girl dose and of course I stocked up on Lush Bath Bombs! (Stocked for the month now) But I also brought some new makeup which you can read here. I also go some new nail varnish (Nails Inc) and shoes and treated myself to a giant cookie from Millie Cookies! Yummy Yummy!
So there is five moment that's have happened to me in the past few weeks. I'm going to be doing alot more of these post because I love letting all my followers know.
What are you five moment of this week so far? Fancy sharing? Then comment below and let me know I would love to hear from you all.
Until next time.

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