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OKBouquet Spring Flowers Review

Hey guy’s hope your all doing well, So todays post I will review a beautiful range on flowers from OKBouquet you can find them on Facebook/ Twitter and also there website. This review will have my honest opinion on this flower I had received, I was send there spring time range which was a beautiful bouquet of tulips if all different colours.
I hope you enjoy reading this review.
When I saw OKBouquet were looking for bloggers to review their flowers I wanted to have this chance to do another review and also because I love flower maybe not as much as some women out there but flowers are always nice to put a smile on your face as well.  When I e-mailed them asking that I was interested in doing this review for them I was amazed that they said yes because I thought everyone would of grab the chance and they wouldn’t need any more reviews till there next season time. Once we agreed on doing this I sent them my address and phone number and all I had to do then it wait for them to come in the post.
On Saturday 2nd April 2016 my delivery arrived and they came in a very caring box to keep the flower safe and stable on their journey as well, I wasn’t expecting a box this big I thought it would be just a little range of flowers for me to look out but the size of this bouquet was fantastic! The box was great with their logo on it and the date they were going to be delivered. When the box was here I was like a kid in a toy shop to excite to see when I had got I open the box and there they were this BEAUITFUL range of tulips in white, yellow, purple and pink.
When I got them out of the box and saw them I was so happy with what I was given I mean they smelled amazing and the colours were just eye popping even my mum loved them as well. Checking them all through before I out them out on display was must I always seem to check things before putting them out and letting do what they do. When looking around I saw a little tag with my name on and a little message from OKBouquet themselves. They came in a white plastic box full of water and I thought that’s what I keep them in instead of disturbing them. But after a few days I was told they need taking out but never you learn right they still pretty cute in this box they came in!.
When I displayed them in front of my fireplace there were the first thing to catch your eye when you walk in the door!

After 4 days I started to notice they were losing their brightness and wasn’t really eye popping anymore which I was a bit upset about because I though the colour would of lasted a bit longer than that. Don’t get me wrong there colour was still there just not as bright as I was of hoped, I also started to see that’s a few of them started to die now I wasn’t sure if that cause they didn’t have enough water or too much but they just started to drop their heads down but that’s only one or two of them the others are still fighting through. With bouquet flowers I really thought they would keep the colour a lot longer than 4 days so that’s the only negative thing I can say about these flowers is just the colouring that all, They still had their smell which is a plus side.
After having them for over a week they started to show their age and they were starting to drop they just didn’t want to be here anymore like most flowers do, A few of them were still fighting to brighten up the place which is a good sign. Altogether I had my flower for  over 1 week. Which I’m quite happy with I would recommend try a set of flowers from OKBouquets if you ever get the chance they smell amazing and they look amazing they have a range of different flowers of their websites from roses to lily’s and in many different colours as well. They also have there on blog page with hints and tips of how to care for you flowers which is I think is very useful for next time I order some from myself.
So yes altogether I loved these flowers I thought they were amazing the colours where beautiful the scent was fanatic overall an amazing spring set of flowers for anyone. I would go and have a look at the website and order yourself some and see for yourself and they them know how you got on with your flowers as well if you have ordered from them before then please let me know below on what you thought about them as well I would love to hear from you all.
OKBouquet you blew me away with your flowers you sent me so I going to give you 9 out of 10 they came beautifully wrapped and beautifully a ranged as well I didn’t even need to chance one thing about it.
Thank you so much for giving me this chance to do this review for you as well.
If you would like to check out their social media sites there all right here don’t forget to follow them and order your very own set.
 Until next time!
Much Love
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