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Family Meal - The Priory Loughborough

Hey guy’s hope your all having a good week so far, so Saturday just gone I had a family meal with my Dad, Brother, Sister and there partners the meal was for my dad’s birthday. I can’t remember the last time I came to this place.
When I saw the place I was shock how nice it looked from the last time I went it looks amazing inside and the menu is great as well. When we arrived we was greeted nice by one of the staff members who then showed us to our table.  The table was nicely set up for us all I really enjoyed having a good catch up with my family and just spending some quality time together.
When we was looking through the menus I was struggling on what to choose for my starter and a main course but after a good look through I decide on some cheese sticks for a start and a nice Gammon steak for my main meal and of course I had to have a glass of wine with my dinner as well. I mean come on who doesn't enjoy a glass of wine every now and again?

The food was amazing took their time bringing the main meal out to us but apart from that it was a perfect meal. The cheese stick were delicious nice and crisp on the outside and nice and soft in the middle and the right amount for a starter.
When I got my main course I was surprised on how it look it look amazing the gammon was cook perfectly and was just the right amount even though it did beat me but it did taste amazing I really enjoyed every bite. You can normal get some gammon that can be quite salty but this was just tested perfected. The eggs where nice and runny just how I like it and the chips where heaven nice and fluffy if you go to please I would recommend trying the gammon.
Anyways while we was enjoying our meals my dad was making laugh even though it got to point where I thought just SHHH! He just kept asking about a dart board that was no longer there but the last time my dad went there was with my grandad and back then it was just like a general pub he told me he used to go there a lot with him when he was younger and telling me different things on how it used to look.
So after we all had out meals and felt like we couldn’t eat another thing of course we had to look and the puddings! I mean come on we all have a look don’t we even though we are all full there is always room for pudding. Now I love my pudding I have such a sweet tooth it’s unreal and as soon as I looked and I just have to have chocolate brownie with baileys ice-cream HEAVEN! Even though I couldn’t eat another thing I just really wanted this just to finish off my meal when it came out it looked so mouth-watering.
The brownie was nice and warm which made the ice-cream melt nicely all over it all which is was I love about this pudding. Chocolate and baileys go so well together I think it’s one for best pudding to have every time I go out well apart from a fudge cake now that’s my favourite one.
I really enjoyed that night and the place was amazing I would really recommend visiting here for a meal or even just for a nice drink it’s such a welcoming place staff members are always there to help you and check on you to make sure everything is okay.  It’s a lovely cosy building as well with plenty on seating space if you’re in there for a meal or just a drink there is everything for everyone it’s a perfect night out for anyone
Giving it star wise I would give it all five stars! Now in my eyes that’s good.
So yes guys go give it a visit you won’t be disappoint I promise you that now it’s on my list to visit again.
I really hope you enjoyed reading this post guys let me know below if you have visited and let me know you thoughts about it as well what you like and what you didn’t like I love hearing from you all
So don’t be shy!
Until next time


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