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Shopping Haul - Leicester Town Centre

Hey guy’s I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. So I had a day off from work on Wednesday and I really fancied going out so I chose to go to Leicester town centre to do a bit of shopping. So I wanted to share with you what I got on this shopping haul trip, I love sharing with you all what I’ve recently brought.
I hope you enjoy reading this post.

Deadpool and Alan Carr – Yap Yap Yap DVD’s
Now I have always been a fan of Alan Carr ever since I saw him on TV. I have all of he’s DVD’s so far so I wanted to add he’s new one to my collection. I saw Deadpool in the cinema and I loved it I never laughed so much at a super hero film and I thought I would never watch something like this but I’m glad I went to see because it is a brilliant film so if you haven’t seen it I would recommend you go and see it or buy the DVD and watch it.

New hoodie and dress top – Primark
Now I know many people love picking up a bargain in Primark when it comes to clothes. I went for  a wonder round and as normal and I saw this really CUTE hoodie and I do love my hoodies to snuggle up in after a long day at work or even to wear while I’m out but I wear them quite a lot when I go to steam rallies so it’s always nice to top up cause most of my hoodies and marked from the rallies haha anyways, I’m really into white at the moment and when I saw this one I was so happy so that went straight in my basket. When I carried on I saw a top dress and I was like SUPER CUTE!! I never really wear dark green but when I tried it on I just loved out it sat and it makes a great little outfit with skinny jeans and sandals.
Lush – Bath Bombs
You all must know by now from older posts that I love my bath bombs and I just had to stock up while I was visiting of course you can’t walk it and come out with nothing now that just mean! So stocked up on my best ones and I even got some ones I’ve not tried yet as well.
Dragons Egg
Yoga Bomb (not tried this one yet)
Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment x2
Yes I know that’s a lot but I love being stocked up for a while then stock up again in another months’ time. What's your favourite bath bomb?


New note books – TK Max
I’ve been wanting some nice noted books for a while to carry around to do some brain storming and make notes for my blog while I’m out and about and I was told to go to TK Max because they have some beautiful books and you know what they have I pick up to amazing ones which I love the saying on them as well.
“Be True To Who You Are” – “Dance as Though No One Is Watching Live as Though You’ve Never Been Hurt Sing as Though No One Can Hear You Love as Though Heaven is On Earth” I think them saying are beautiful and I love reading them every time I go to use my books. If you haven’t been in TK Max for note books I would recommend you go and look there the best I’ve seen so far.
False Nail Matte Blue – Primark
Yes I do use false nails now and again I saw one of the girls I work with wearing them and I just loved them so while I was in Primark and pick up a set and I’ll tell you what there are great! There strong and the colour is amazing I’ve had some many people ask me where I got them done and I’m like “Primark did them for me at £1!” yes guys you heard that £1 that’s a bargain for false nails.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post, I love sharing with all what I’ve recently brought so what have you brought yourself this weekend? Share with me down below I would love to hear from you all.
Until next time


  1. Aw you picked up some lovely bits! I haven't dead pool, but I really want to do I may pick up the DVD some time soon xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  2. Thank you my lovely!
    It is a brilliant film! Yes grab it while you can :) Let me know what you think about it as well xx

  3. We have cineworld unlimited cards so saw deadpool 4 times in the cinema haha and we have it on DVD too! Very jealous of your lush purchases too ... Im on a 100 day spending ban and I have none :(

    Charlotte |

    1. I saw it in cinema as well :) got a free ticket to go and see it so that's always a good XD
      Oh no! everyone need bath bombs hehe I cant live without them now! there like my bestfriends.

      100 a day how come?



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