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Bodega Cantina Launch Opening - Leicster

Are you a fan of South American food? Well then look no further now open in Leicester’s St Martin’s Square is a brand new South American restaurant Bodega Cantina
With the amazing venue and bright colours this restaurant really dose stand out from the crowd. I was invited to a pre-opening night with many other amazing bloggers for a sneak peek and some cheeky food testers. Being handed a margarita for a warm welcome really made the opening special.

Knowing you’re in amazing hands with the General Manager, Benjamin Le Gros (formally of TGI Fridays and Pizza Express) and the Head Chef, Ellis Andrews (from the champagne bar The Case) you know there food and service is going to be amazing and it was.
With the warm friendly and bright atmosphere came the amazing food testers we was given with six different South American food that just made my mouth water really tasted and looked amazing it ranged from
Xim Xim
Veggie Taci
Chicken Quesadilla
And many other discs I know for a fact something will catch you eye when you look at their menu. The food was so fresh and it was like eating air, I've never really been a huge fan of South American food but I fell in love with every bite I took.
If you love your Instagram photo taking then you will love adding the food and the restaurant itself to your grid as it has the perfect lighting and amazing colours around the whole building.

Of course all of these amazing discs can be taken away with a amazing range of drinks they have on offer are freshly made by each bar staff member.
I ask the Manager Ben what he uses in some of he’s drinks that he was eager for us to try out, “We want our customers to see the fresh product we use in our drinks all our tequilas are 100% fresh from the plant it is grown from.”

I really enjoyed this launch opening and I would like to say a huge well done to all of the team and everyone that help made this place what it is today you all did a brilliant job!.
Bodega Cantina is definitely a place I will be taking my friends and family to try the amazing food drinks just like I did. I would recommend you all go visit Bodega Cantina trust me you will love it just as much as me.
I’m looking forward to the day when I can hold another margarita in my hand and be in that amazing bright atmosphere.
Well done Bodega Cantina! It really was an amazing night that I will never forget.
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