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My Floral Summer Outfit 001

Hey guys hope your all doing well and having a great week so far, So I’ve been thinking about doing some fashion posts on some outfits I put together and I wanted to share with you all my very first one and see how big of a hit I can get.
I thought I would give it a go as it’s something new and if I get more hits then I think I can I shall do more and more.
So my first Summer Outfit I wore to Bodega Restaurant Launch I went to you can read that post right here. Now I’m the kind of girl to wear bright colours and I’m really into my floral designs at the moment

My Top 

 I brought this t-shirt of the same day because I wanted to buy something brand new and summerly for the opening. I just love the colours in this shirt it really stands out with the trousers I was wear. It super lightweight and it feels like your wearing nothing which is also great in the summer time.
I brought this top from Klass I love all there colours in there it’s one of the main shops wear I get most of tops and dresses from at the moment even better when I work in the same building as them as well so I get to see all the new stock each week.
You can find Klass website right here
My sandals are from the amazing Primark! Now come on who doesn’t shop in Primark? They have some really great things in there at the moment. I’ve been looking for white wedges for months now and when I saw these ones I knew there and then I just had to have them, and they went perfect with this outfit.
But they pretty much go with anything which is always a bonus
My white jeggings are also from Primark as well. Now I won’t lie all of my jeans are from Primark they seem to fit me a lot better than any other place, Still to this day not sure why but they do. They are super light and comfortable. I know whites are hard to keep clean (So that’s what I get told) but there are really easy.
Having the elastic waist as well is also easier, I do live in jeans and I wanted white ones for so long but  I was like “Ahhh me in white jeans” but I thought I would give it ago and it was the best choice I made that day. I’ve fallen in love with white now.
This necklace is also from Klass as well, I love the silver is went so well with the shirt I was wearing that day and I’ve tried it with many other outfits as well and it really does go with anything. I love how long it is I do like my long necklaces and I’ve had so many people ask me where it’s from as well and saying how nice it looks.
Well there we go guys my first fashion post I’d love to know what you thought of this post and even the outfit, You can buy any of these in stores and some online I will leave website for Klass down below for you.
Do you have a best summer outfit? I’d love to see comment below what best outfit and why you love it so much.
Until next time.
*I asked before posting this post about share Klass clothing items and they were perfectly fine with me share there cloths and website*
Klass -
Photo Taken By - Hollie Goodwin -


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