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My Foral Summer Outfit 002

Hey guys so I’m back with my second fashion post I got some great views on my last one and I wanted to share with you another summer outfit that I like to wear. This one has to be my favourite one because I just love the colours and the outfit looks so cute. I do love my soft pink colours and I really started to love wearing dress type of things now also.
So I hope you enjoy reading this one and don’t forget to comment below.

My Dress
Now I saw this dress when I was window shopping in Loughborough I was just having a walk round and saw this in the window of Primark and I just loved it so I went in to have a closer look at it and of course I had to try it on as well and I knew when I tried it on I just had to buy it. This one is still available at Primark. It super lightweight and great soft summer colours goes perfect with white of course you have to wear bottoms with it as it abit too short to wear as just a dress well for me it is anyways because of how tall I am.
My Bottoms
Everyone has a pair of legging in the wardrobe somewhere I saw unsure whether to wear white ones or not but I thought I would give it a go so I got myself a pair and now I wear them most of the time now.
I pick these up at my local Primark
My Shoes
My sandals are from the amazing Primark!  I’m hooked to these sandals they just go with so many outfits that I have and they look super cute and they don’t give me any pain when walking around either which is a bonus as well. I got these from my local Primark and they still have these in stock also.
My Necklace
Now I’ve had so many people ask me about this necklace “Where did you get that from?” “Is it heavy to wear?” and your answers are I got it at my local Primark Of course! And no it’s not heavy to wear at all I feel like my not wearing it at all. It so perfect with this outfit I just love it.
The colour are amazing and really dose shine in the sunshine.

And there we go this is my second summer outfit that I wanted to share with you I really hope you enjoyed reading this one. Let me know below if you have any of these items or what you think about the outfit I would love to hear from you all.
Show me what your best summer outfit is this year.
Until next time.

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