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My Loveable Pets

Hey guys I hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far. So today’s post I wanted to share with you all MY LOVABLE PETS! I love these pair so much and they have been a big part of my life from when we first got them.  I’ve been thinking of sharing a post about Millie and Jack for a while and I was like “Would anyone really like to know?” But I thought you know what you never know until you try.

So I really hope you enjoy reading this post.

I remember when me and my family were talking about getting another dog and we wasn’t sure what kind of dog we wanted, Until my step dad said “I wouldn’t mind a German Shepard” So that’s what we went for. I had a look on Facebook and many different sites and then we saw this cute little litter up in Leicestershire. We travelled down to go see which one we would like to have and there we saw Llttle Millie just waiting to be loved! And we knew there and then we had to pick her. I chosen the name Millie because just looking at her she looked like a Millie and she is an amazing dog! She 4 years old coming on to 5 this year (I think hard to keep track). Over the years she has done many different thing with us. Going down to Skegness, Steam Rally’s, Day out she been everywhere! She love having the freedom to run around and play and she dose love her walks but she dose prefer to be off her lead, but what dog doesn’t?

I love Millie with all of my heart she is my rock! Even though she can be a pain in the back side. I don’t know what we would all do with out her.
(Millie first day we brought her home)
Now I remember when my sister (Emma) brought Jack home as a kitten such a tiny little black thing all curled up in he’s cat carrier looking at us thinking “Who are you? What am I doing here?” From asking my sister about what he was like when he was a kitten she tells me “He was such a pain! He slept in the same room with us but stayed awake most of the night by jumping in and out of the wardrobe! I remember when he was around 10month old he had a pretty bad accident he ended up cutting the inside of he’s leg open he had to have surgery to get him back to normal that the only accident he has had since we have had him. Now with him being 13 years old (Getting an old boy now) He is the best cat we could ever have. He has outlived 5 other cats that I have had and he is still going strong to this day, even though he dose moan a lot now for food all we hear every night is “Meow Meow Meow Meow” none stop! So we give him another dinner or some treats to keep him happy.
I love you Jack you are such a softly! You are one great cat and there will never be another cat like you. Love you old boy.
P.S. He dose love he’s Dreamies treats!
(Go away i'm eating!)
(Is that dreamies I see in your hand?)
I really hope you enjoyed reading this post about these two amazing pets! Do you have pets of you own? Comment below and let me know what pets you have and even tweet me some photos to @MyLifeStyleAmy using #Lovablepet.
Also what is your favourite animal?
Until next time


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