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Zoella Beauty Haul - Leicester

Hello my beautiful followers, I hope you all having a great week so far and enjoying this amazing sunshine that we are having at the moment. Now if you follow my blog you would have seen some older post on some beauty products that I’ve brought and shared with you and I want to share with you another BEAUTY HAUL I have recently brought.
So I hope you enjoy reading this post and don’t forget to comment below!

Now I’m sure many of you out there know Zoella from her Youtube channel and you may know about her products and her books. Now I’ve not long been a fan of Zoella I watch her vlogs every day she’s really making me want to start my own vloggoing myself so I’m thinking of starting to plan my channel within the next few months.
When I watched her main channel I saw that she had her own beauty range! And I was like Oh My God! I must try these and I did I went to Superdrug and picked up her third collection of beauty products called Sweet Inspiration’s.


So I wanted to tell you about the items I got and how I find them so far.
Zoella Sugar Dip (Scented Bath Salts)
Now I love the packaging on this item its so different some other bath salts that I’ve seen, I’ve never really tried bath salts before but I thought I would give them ago, You only need a small hand full and just tip them under running warm water. They make my bath smell amazing! The smell didn’t last very long that’s the only thing that disappointed me about this product but the smell of almond, cocoa and honey it really dose smell nice.
Zoella Bath Latte (Bath and Shower Milk)
I love the look of this product! It looks just like a glass milk bottle it so cute! The smell is to die for yet again! But this one has more of a stronger smell of Almond. When I poured some into my bath (You don’t need to much) It made so many bubbles and my bath just smelt amazing for my whole hour I was in there. Even using it as a shower milk it felt so soft on my skin and I smell amazing for hours.
Zoella Double Body Cream Lotion
Yes Yes! Another cute looking product, the baby pink and the cream work well together and they are two of my favourite colours if all time. It’s a good size product for the price with another amazing smell of honey and almond you can’t go wrong. Now this lotion has done wonders for my skin specially my legs! Yes I said legs. I have suffered with really dry legs but when I started using Zoella its done amazing! I know many other products would as well but this one lasts for some long dry’s fast and I don’t even need a lot in my hand either which is a plus! Cause I’ll be saving so much as well. If you love your body creams you must try this one.
Zoella La Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer
As you can tell by the name there bath fizzers there not the same as a bath bombs, these basically make you bath smell nice and you know what they do! Even thought when you drop them in the bath there isn’t much fun to watch like some others I’ve seen but these bring out an amazing aroma around your bathroom and fills my upstairs with the amazing smell of honey.
Zoella Body Fondant
I ADORE this product! Now I do like having a shimmer on my body special in summer time. When I saw this produced and open it I was like OH MY GOD IM GOING TO BE ORANGE. (Because it is a quite dark in the packaging) But when I tried it the colours doesn’t show at all it leave your skin looking so healthy and shiny I just love it. Smelling like almond and honey as well it just amazing every time I have this product on I’ve has people ask me how my skin look and smell so nice. So I would give this product a try it’s a MUST!
Zoella Make-up Bag
I’ve been needing a new make-up bag for a while because I have different bags for different things and this one is perfect for my lipsticks to go in. I love the colours and the design it’s a cutie!.
 And there we go I really hope you enjoyed reading this post, If you’re a Zoella fan then please comment below and let me know what you think of her products and which ones are your favourite ones I would love to hear what you think about them.
Until next time.




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