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7 Facts About Me Challenge

Hey guy’ so I have been nominated by the lovely Tiffany to do 7 facts about me challenge and then I'm going to pick 5 girls who I would like to see do this next you can visit Tiffany blog here and all the girls I have picked below
So let’s go!
1.       I started my new job at Subway and now being trained to help run the store, I’m really enjoying this job I’ve always got something to do which is better than just standing around.
2.       I’ve recently started my own YouTube channel, and you can find my channel right here please subscribe <3 It would mean a lot to me!
3.       I am very scared thunder and lighting, I know I’m such a baby right.
4.       When I was younger I used to love sleeping under rugs don’t ask me why! I still to this day not 100% sure why I did just been told by my family I used to do that a lot.
5.        I have a small crush on Joe Sugg! I think he super cute. but SHHHH!!!
6.       I’d loved to run my own dog babysitting service, Because I watch my neighbours dog quite often I thought having my own dog sitting service might be a good thing to do (I’m still thinking about it though).
7.       I’m addicted to sugar! I know that’s so bad, But I love having chocolate and sweets I have to have some sort of sugar every day! SO BAD!
So I hope you all know more about me now I know there wasn’t that much to know about me but I thinking of doing on fact post about me very soon so see your eye out for that one.
The girls I would like to see doing this is
Hope you enjoy girls! Happy challenge!
Until next time

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