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East Midlands Blogger Meet Up - Leicester

So on the 13th August 2016 I attend the #EastMidsMeetup which was organised by Emmie - Carpe Diem Emmie, Kirstie – Behind The Scent after so many months of planning they should know that they have done a fantastic job they should be so proud of themselves and everyone else that help them bring the day together. This event if my forth one I have been to ever since I have been blogging and this one was my favourite by far!
Before going to the event venue I met up with a couple of blogger girls for a friendly get to together and met some more amazing bloggers who were new this event and made some more amazing friends we all met at a local café called Bru I had never been to Bru before so I was struggling to find where it was at first but once I found it and entered it was such a great place and I said to myself (How have I never been here before?) I ordered a stunning caramel hot chocolate and it was to die for! The staff members were for friendly and I ended up having a good chat with a young lady about the event. Once the rest of the girls joined me I got to know them all so much better and we had a fabulous time having tea and coffees and of course CAKE!

The main event was held at Manhattan.34 I have never heard of this place before so I was really looking forward to seeing it. Once we arrived at the venue it was beautiful it was a perfect place for an amazing event, We was greeted by Lianne - The Brunette Says who handed out random facts about the bloggers that had attended, we had to go a find the correct person to fact that we was given, unfortunately I didn’t find mine but one of girls who had mine found me! It was so much fun getting to know her!
Charlotte -Discovering Charlotte, Hannah - Hannah International, Natasha - Serenity You, Sarah -  Sarah Deluxe, Shani - Shani Coles,
As the event went on I had a look around at all the amazing brands that come to event we had Danique Hairdressing who given me some great tips on style my hair and information about their salon I also spoke to AngelEyes and she also given me some tips on how to look after my eyelashes and also how Angel Eyes work and I found it pretty amazing!
I also brought myself some raffle tickets and I love the fact that the money went to Rainbows & Bowel Cancer UK and they made a great amount of money for two amazing companies! I did end up winning a little goodie bag with perfume, lipstick and eye shadows so I was so happy with that and the products are just amazing.
We also had some amazing talks thought out the event the first one was from Gabby from Cool As Publicly who guided us about working with PR’s she helped me a lot with how to join PR’s and also helped me getting a media kit sorted. She given out some amazing advice thought out her talk I will admit I’m not an expert on approaching PR’s but after hearing Gabby speak it made want to get more involved with PR’s and the tips she given me has actually worked! So I would like to thank Gabby for that.
We also had a speech from Blogosphere magazine I never knew this magazine even existed! (Yes I know right!) But now I know and I brought my self to copies on the day and even subscribed to them. This magazine is written by bloggers for bloggers and I can’t put it down! The two ladies were so lovely and spoken to me more about the magazine and told me so much about it and how so many people are using it as a guide to help them with there own blogs and they have inspired me to do so much more with my own while reading there magazine I’ve been reading some amazing bloggers as well which are now saved to my favourites.
Gabby (Left) – Blogosphere (Right)
I had the most amazing day ever! I met some amazing new bloggers and some amazing brands and some brilliant talks. it’s just was an inscribable day. I’d like to take the time and thank the brands that came to event you can find them below.
 Thank you so much for a great day and thank you so much for the amazing goodies bag I love everything that inside I didn’t expect some of stuff we were given! Emmie and Kirstie you have done a brilliant job I hope you proud of yourselves because I know I am. (I have fallen in love with the hand wash and the drink jar) I can’t wait to see you all again at the next event keep up the good work girls.
 You can all breath and relax now!

Thank you so much or reading this post guys I have also done VLOG on my YouTube channel of the day and I would love for you to go and give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe. If you were at the event then comment below and leave your links of the day I would love to know what you thought about it and what you loved most.
Until next time.



  1. I always love your photography! Its so good :)

    I had an amazing day too :P

    1. It's not that good 😂 I want to make them better hopefully

      I had a amazing day too :) x

  2. Lovely post, and I agree with Charlotte, your photography is on point! Think we need another Brü trip soon :)


    Izzy |

    1. Thank you lovely :) Aww thank you I feel like they still need abit of work but hopefully ill get there in the end

      Yes we do need another trip soon I would love that


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