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Pizza Express - Loughborough

Hey guy’s so yesterday I went to Pizza Express in Loughborough and I wanted to tell you all about it! I’m sure many of you have visited a Pizza Express before if you have let me know below what you thought about it.
So I went into Loughborough with Emma and Scott (If you’re wondering who they are Emma is my sister and Scott is her partner) We had a look round a couple of shops and we wanted to go and get some lunch so we headed down to Cineworld and because we all love pizza we thought we would try Pizza Express now I haven’t been to this one yet and I thought this would be a great time to tell you all about the place and what I thought about it.
When I walked in I was amazed on how bright the inside was because the last one I visited it wasn’t very bright but walking into this one put a big smile on my face and the layout and theme is just fantastic to look at! A nice modern restaurant with blues, whites and browns it really made it come to life.

 We was greeted by a really happy young girl who was greeted us with a perfect smile and a kind warm greeting she let us pick where we wanted to sit which I thought was great because most places take you to where they would like to place you or what table is free. Of course we picked a table near the window. As we looked thought the menus I was just taking in all the amazing colours and pictures that were around the restaurant. I just couldn't stop looking around it just really amazed me.
What I love about the layout is that you can see the chefs making your food and just seeing them all enjoying themselves while they make. Having their own kitchen and bar areas where you can see them make everything from starters, mains to pudding I really did enjoy that,  what I also thought was great is the waiters actually made the pudding themselves now I’ve never actually seen that before I always thought it was just the chefs that prepare it all and the waiters just bring them to the tables but seeing they have a part in preparing the food as well really made me think “Wow! This looks like something I think I would enjoy doing.”


What I chosen to have for my start was Dough Balls with Garlic Butter and they tasted AMAZING! The dough balls were so soft and light the butter really made them exploded in my mouth I could have eaten a couple of plates of them one after another (id end up being fat!). For my main I picked a classic pizza of course! It is Pizza Express if you go in and not order pizza then there is something wrong!  When the waiter brought my pizza to the table the smell was just to die for! And it just looked mouth-watering, I can be very picky with pizzas and I know that is such a silly thing to say but I’m sorry I am. The cheese was nice and light and runny! And the flavours of the cheese tasted amazing in my mouth is was nice and light not as filling as some pizza you can buy it was easy to cut I think the pizza is the top of my list when visit Pizza Express.

PUDDING! Now I do love my puddings and I’m sure many of you out there do as well. Normally when I have my pudding I always go for a classic chocolate fudge cake but I really fancied some ice-cream and I pick a nice scoop of strawberry and chocolate. It came in such a cute glass with a chocolate straw. Of course it tasted brilliant the strawberry just popped in my mouth it was a sweet and rich with strong flavour and of course the chocolate was nice and chocolatey just how I like it! To scoops was just the right amount for me to have and it was the perfect way to end a great meal.

Overall I really enjoyed visiting Pizza Express when it open up in Cineworld I’ve been wanting to go in and try it out and I really love it the place is amazing the staff are so friendly and kind and always there to help you if you need anything. It really made me feel welcome and being able to watch everyone work was a great experience to me. I would recommend visiting Pizza Express next time you visit Loughborough you won’t be disappointed with the food, location everything about it to me is fantastic! I would highly recommend to anyone who fancy is nice meal out with friends and family, I know I will be visiting again.

Well done Pizza Express you really impressed me with my visit and I’m looking forward to see you all again very soon keep up the good work!

Thank you guy’s for reading my post and I really hope you enjoyed reading this post so tell me have you visited Pizza Express in Loughborough? If you have comment below and let me know what you thought about it I’d love to hear from you all.

Until next time.
*I asked a management before posting this post if I was able to write and review about there new restaurant and I was allowed*




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