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Summer Outfit 003

Hey guy’s hope you all had a fabulous week so far. So it’s time for another fashion post. I’m so happy with the amount of views i get on my fashions post it really dose put a smile on my face, With summer coming to a end (As far as I know..) I want to share with you another summer outfit with you all. Let me know in the comments below what you think about this outfit.
I will leave the websites below so you can all have a look and see if there anything you might like
Hope you enjoy this post.

My Top
This amazing denim dress is from Klass one of my favourite shops at the moment, I love how you can wear it as a top and also a dress depending on what mood you are in. It super lightweight and I’ve had so many people ask me where it’s from and how much it cost’s I love this top I can wear it in so many ways and with many different things as well.
My Shoes
Simple dolly shoes go with any outfit I picked these up at Shoe Zone for an amazing price and I just love them. Yes they do wear away quite fast so I’ve had to have a couple of pairs but that’s because I love them so much you can get them three different colours I have them in black and cream and you can buy them in store and online.
My Bottoms
These black legging are from Primark it’s the best place to get some leggings at amazing prices I can’t count how many pairs I have I do love them and they go well with this outfit and many others that I put together.
My Jewellery
My necklace is from Klass of course! This one goes so well with this out I really wear this necklace with this outfit I’ve not found another out it will go with just yet but I do love it. My bracelet is also from Klass as well yes I guess you can tell I love my Klass products I just saw this one and just knew I had to buy it I didn’t think it would go with this outfit but I thought it went quite well.

Well I hope you enjoyed my third fashion post, and thank you all for reading and taking the time to look at my posts it does mean a lot to me. I’d love to hear about you best summer outfit this year comment below and let me know and comment below and tell some shop that you think I might like the look off.
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Until next time
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