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My Relaxing Bath Routine

So I know I’ve already done a post about how I de-stress and just relax but I wanted to share with you another recent one that I love doing at the moment, With my new job and these insane hours that I’m doing! These baths are my highlight of the day. Now I know many of you out there love your baths as much as I do.

They are just so calming and relaxing you just feel all your problems melting away! I always start by picking my favourite candle and I went with Lemon Lavender this time because I have just fallen in love with this smell and the lavender is so nice and always makes me sleep so much better. My next step is to pick a bath bomb and I went with Blackberry Boom to match my candle PURPLE!

Once my bath is run and at the hottest temperature that I can handle I always place my bath bomb in and just watch it do it magic, I know this one doesn’t really do much like many of the other bath bombs I have but I just love the smell and colour of this one it also leaves you a cute little message as well BOOM!

While my bath bomb is working it magic I pick what products I would like to use this time and I went with some of my Zoella range today. I brought her bar soap pop and not tried it so I thought this would be a great time to give it a go alongside her bath latte. Now know what you’re thinking (Why you got two different wash products?) But for some reason I always end up using two but I’m hooked to her bath latte it smells amazing!

The soap pop is amazing I love the colours it’s like a marble effect and it just smells amazing it glides on my skin like butter, to me it has a like a floral smell to it and I find the smell of flowers such a refreshing smell. What I also love about this it has a little message on the stick which you can’t finish reading until you have used all the soap so I’m looking forward to seeing what that will say at the end.

Once I’ve got everything ready and the bath is ready I then just hop in and just let all my troubles melt away and enjoy the amazing smells and relax in a nice hot blackberry bath. Once I’m in I then pick some songs to play while I’m relaxing (I’m not he only one who dose that am I?) I sometimes go with soft music but I just went with my Spotify this time and just closed my eyes and sang along to each song that came on.

I always stay in the bath for about 30-40 minutes until I feel nice and relax.

Once I’ve finished my bath I always then do my face routine and the products I use are Elemis of course I LOVE these products and they do wonders for my skin and they smell of these products as well go perfectly!
And that's my recent relaxing bath routine, So tell me how do you de-stress after a long day? Comment below and tell me.
 Until next time

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