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Treat Box 002 - October Box

So I know I haven’t wrote a blog post in a while I’ve been so busy with working and spending time with Joey while he came over to visit me but I’m back with another post about my next treat box I got this month and I love this one as much as my last one! (Maybe this one even more.)
This month box is my autumn treat box and you all know how much I love my autumn season it best time of year and what they sent me fits in so well.
So I hope you enjoy reading this post!

What’s inside?
A5 quote picture
So I was given another perfect quote picture to add my collection I have so far I just need to put them all in frames now and place them all around my room – I’m not quite sure how to say this quote but I just love the colours and how it looks.
To Do List / Magnet
Like every girl needs a to do list and I know many girls that have one and I think this is super cute how is matches all of the other things I was given and also come with a magnet so I can place it on my fridge or freezer to remind me to do things.
 October calendar
Even though I already have one I think this is cute how they have them all matching and its even fits inside my bag so I can take it with me which helps me a lot.
Live, Love Laugh
You all know how much I love my home décor things and when I was given this little heart with one of my favourite quotes on it as well I was so happy! Even my mum likes it. It goes so well with my bedroom and I’ve had a few people asked me where I got it from.
 Paper/letter holder
With another décor item in this kit I love how all this kit is based on chocolate in my eyes! The nice browns and creams which always go together and we all know they go together. I love the Pokka dots and I can hide some little bits and bobs in the little pockets.
 Belgian Melting Marshmallows
WELL! With me loving chocolate and marshmallows when I saw this one I couldn’t wait to try them so I had them the same night and you know what they are amazing! If you have a sweet tooth like me you will want these as well they took a while to melt in my hot chocolate but having them warm and just eating them of the stick was just nice!
 Little Heart Bracelet
I was given a little tie bracelet as well in this month’s box with little hearts on the end which I thought was cute but I know I would never wear it so I given this to my cousin and she loves it! I’d rather see it get warn this just hiding in my draw but I love how Treat Box sent me a sweet bracelet like that.
So that is everything in this month’s treat box are you getting yours as well? Let me know below what you thought about your box you might have got something different to me you never know!
I’m so happy with my second box and I can’t wait to see my next one!
Until next time

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