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So I went to visit Bath & body works which I have never been before and one of my friends told me to have a look while I’m in California and you know what I’m so glad that I did in the end because I came out with some amazing Christmas goodies I want to share with you all.

But first I want to start with how I was welcomed the staff members that were working on the day were so lovely! I told them I have never visited before so I want Bath & Body works virgin and they were so excited to show me there products and show me the Christmas range.

Of course in every women's handbag we have Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel (Or is that just me?) I always find these so useful and with their winter collection there was to many pick so I just got one of each which include Winter Candy Apple, Which is a nice ruby red colour and the hint of sweet candy apple as well which just smells amazing, FA-LA-LA-LA LLAMA, now I know that is such a long name for hand gel but it’s such a cute name to use though! This one has a hint of spice apple which is quite strong to smell, Ninjabread Man as you can tell by the name I’m sure you already know what this one smells like of course gingerbread and now you all know I’m a fan of gingerbread this year I just had to add this one to my collection also. I Need A Snow Day now don’t we all just want a snow day or even a white Christmas? This one has a perfect smell of ice coconut which smell divine to me I think I’ve been using this one a lot more then my other ones at the moment!. Twisted Pepper Mint now I know you can guess by the name of this what the smell is going to be like? Yes of course pepper mint I love my pepper mint smells but this one dose have a twist to it once applied you get the hint of pepper mint then once it settled you get the sent floral flowers (I know weird right but that’s what it smells like to me.) They are the prefer size to place in your bag or even pocket there super quick to dry on the hands and each one leaves your hands smelling clean and fresh 

Of course I had to add some more shower gels to my collection also! I just love my shower gels still to this day I’m not sure why but I just do. I pick up three different Christmas one to my collection on the trip they had quite a few different ones but I knew I couldn’t have them all. Because most of my items in the haul are Winter Candy Apple I thought I would get some Shower Gel and Body Lotion because this scent is just heaven in a jar! I also picked up another one called Vanilla Bean Noel now I have always been a fan of the Vanilla scents and when I was shown this one I just knew that it needed to come home with me so I just picked up a small bottle of it and oh my god I love it so much!. With each of these a little goes along way and each time I have used these now I come out smelling just like the bottle says and it lasts for hours! Trust me girls If you haven’t tried this yet I would get some while you can they are to die for!

Some other items that I brought with this haul is some more body items of course! First of I pick up Winter Candy Apple Body Scrub with the same scent but this scrub is brilliant I suffer with dry skin around this time of year and this scrub and helped so much and using the body lotion afterwards it fits perfectly together. The last two items I got are also Winter Wonder Shimmer Body Mousse this is such a creamy mousse (Second image below) the scent from this is unbelievable once applied it leave you with a nice sliver glitter shimmer all over your body and leaves you smelling like a Winter Wonder land! I wanted to also add to my collection some body mist so after smelling all the body mist that they sell I picked this one Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist and by the name of this I’m sure you all know what it will smell like CHERRY! But this does smell amazing! But it’s one of scent that you wear on a night out to me it not really a day to day body mist but I still love this.

So that is everything I got from my Bath & Body Works Christmas Range, have you visited them recently or do you own anything from this brand? Comment below and let me know what you’re using and what your favourite product is from them. Or even recommend something that you think I should try.

Until next time

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