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Casual Outfit #1

Well I’m back with another fashion post I know I haven’t done any of these for a while but I’m so glad I’m back with a new one for you my past ones have been about Summer so I now want to show you some Casual/Winter outfits because it’s coming round to Christmas now and everyone is wrapping up warm.

So I’m going to show you my first casual outfit and tell you where I got each item from just like my last fashion posts.

This jumper is from Jane Norman and that used to be my favourite shop in Leicester (Until they closed down) because I adore bunnies when I saw this top I knew I had to have it but when I woke up one Christmas morning my brother beaten me to it and treated me! I was so happy with how long the jumper is its perfect for any time of the year and it goes with anything that you want to wear. Its super lightweight and the colours are great.

Now all you ladies and men of course! Know that Jeggings have been a big hit for a while now and I just love them to bits I don’t think I own any other jeans apart from different colour and style jeggings they are just so comfortable! I went with the light blue ones with this outfit today because even though there is a chill in the air I wanted to feel nice and bright, so I went with sky blue jeans which I thought went perfect for a walk round the park. You can get these from Primark in many different colours

I got this coat from River Island and you know what it’s the best thing I ever brought because I always used to wear just long coats and I thought I’m going to treat myself to a nice leather coat and when I spotted this one I fell in love so I just had to buy it and I’m so glad it keeps me to warm! You can also remove the fur hood if you wanted just a nice leather coat to wear which I think it really good about it having two different styles in one. This coat is available in Brown, Black, Cream and Grey

Now come on ladies we all need a good pair are flat shoes to wear (as I call school shoes!) I picked these up at my local Shoe Zone and they are so comfortable to wear. Easy just to slip on with any outfit and just go and start your day, I’ve always loved these kinds of shoes for many years now and I always have a few in my room ready for me in different colour of course! I just thought going for a walk round the park these would be great. The only downside to these shoes is if you walking on a rocky path you can feel the stones which can hurt if you step on them wrong! But other than that they are great.

These gloves are from Zoella new Lifestyle Range which I’m sure many of you have already if you haven’t you need to get some if you love your finger-less gloves that is. These are SUPER WARM made with 100% Acrylic. I love the grey colour and the pattern on the top they are quick and easy to wear and you can still use your phone while wearing them! Come on who doesn’t want what?

And that is my first Casual Outfit for you guys so tell me do you own any these I’m wearing or have anything similar to them? Comment below and let me know or share with me for favourite casual outfit.

Until next time

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