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Casual Outfit #2 ROCKING RED

So I'm back with another fashion post guys! ROCKING RED (Don't ask me why i called it that). This whole outfit it from New Look which you can find here. I feel this is great Autumn/Winter outfit and I just love this whole thing. I never really wear red colours but this just went perfectly together and I’ve been hooked with it ever since the day I purchased it.

So I hope you enjoy this fashion post!

Well you all know where I got this top from so I don’t need to tell you where that was from but this top just went so well with the rest of the outfit. What is perfect about this top is how thick it is, I know in the photos it might not look that think but trust me it is and having the neck warmer on it as well is a bonus, it keep me nice and warm from the neck down.

This skirt is one item that I never thought I would wear but when I saw it I was just drawn to it and I just had to try it on and once it was on I just fell in love! With the style of the skirt being a high waist, I have never had one like this before and it just matched my top so well. The tights are just like your normal winter tights but you can wear legging with this outfit to depending on what mood you in.

Now these are beautiful (even though they can hurt after wearing them for a few hours!) what I loved about these is the open toe and that they are suede I always I get told that I don’t need to wear heels because of how tall I am but I do love my heels and I have to fabulous friend who helped me pick these out! KirstieBehind The Scent and CharlotteDiscovering Charlotte. So thank you girls you made my out come alive out of the 10 different shoes I tried on.

Now this bag was given to me as a birthday present this year and I was told it from New Look so it just had to be in this outfit post because everything is from New Look here. I’ve been wanting one these bags for a while but the once I saw were always too much money (for a bag anyways). So I was so happy when I get this on my birthday and I just thought it went perfect but it goes with everything which also another good thing.

So that is my outfit from ROCKING RED! Do you own any of these that I’m wearing? Then comment below and let me know or send me a photo of how you ROCK your RED clothing I would love to see!

If you would like to buy any of these items I have you can find them all below here

Until next time

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