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* BLOGMAS - Advent Calendar 5 & 6 *

So you’re wondering why I’m doing window five and six together, so yesterday me and my partner went Christmas shopping and finished quite late cause we ended up seeing a movie as well but as we was driving home the snow was coming down thick and fast so we didn’t get home till like 11.30pm and when I was back I was just so tired that I fell straight to sleep.

So today I’m going to do both in one post for you all so I hope you enjoy reading what I got today and yesterday.

So in window five I’ve got what got no girl can live without which is a perfect mascara. Now bareMinearls in my eyes have the perfect mascara it gives me such amazing volume but I know there is many out there at do that same or even better but this one works for me every time I use it.

BareMinearls have two different types of mascara in this calendar as I have been told but this one is the only one I’ve used so far out of all the mascara they have. When I first brought this product I was told to use “two coats on the top and one on the bottom” like every make-up artist tells us and from that day i have been hooked and i always have one in my make-up bag.

So in window number six I got my first eye shadow which I’m super happy with because this is the most popular colour they sell and I just love this one. It’s a stunning bronze colour and I know many of us girls love these kind of colours because you can do so many different styles.  With these eye shadows you do the same method like the foundation and blush “Swirl, Tap and buff”.

Also with these eye shadows you can use them wet or dry which is great if you want more of a matte colour then you just dip your brush into a bit of water and swirl, tap and buff in the same way, I also try both I used the more matte kind of effect if I’m going out somewhere and just normal for the everyday.

So tell me do you own any of their eye shadows or even mascara? If you do comment below and tell me what you love about them and also which is your favourite colour.

And I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post

Until next time

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