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* BLOGMAS - Advent Calendar Window 11 & 12 *

We wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Thought that would be a good way to start this blog post. So I’m back with window 11 and 12 I find it much easier and better to do two windows together so for the rest of my Blogmas I’ll be doing them like this and you all seem to be enjoying them a lot more which is great!

So with only 14 days till Christmas which I can’t believe how fast that has come I don’t know where this year has gone.  My bareMinearls collection is coming along perfectly so here is what I got in window 11 and 12.

So I got a brand new colour in my Moxie Lip gloss collection in window 11 and I love this one the most out of all three I have at the moment this one smells and tastes just like chocolate and it stands out so well on my lips. I have worn it all of today and I just love it this one also gives a tingle to your lips once its applied which tickles it can be so annoying at first but after some time it started to feel quite nice. (I know that might sound weird).

The only downside to all these moxie lipsticks is they are sticky on the lips but I don’t know if that how they make them but to me they are quite sticky if you add to much of it at one time. But other than that I love the smell and the colour.

Window 12 I got another perfect eye-shadow colour in a nice sliver/grey colour I think if I had to pick a colour to wear it would be a sliver/grey because you can wear this with anything and make some many looks on its own or with other colours also. Just like my other eye-shadows you can wear this one dry or wet if you want it to look more sliver then add a bit of water on your brush and apply and blend fast before it dry’s and sets in place or if your just wanting to wear like normal then your just “Swirl, Tap and Buff” I think you all know the method by now.

So that is my next two windows I feel my collection is coming along so well! I’m so happy with everything I’m getting so far even though there is a few downsides to some of them but I just love them.

Are you a fan of bareMinearls? Comment below and let me know what your using.

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  1. That lipgloss that smells like chocolate sounds so nice! I haven't tried anything from bare minerals really but that's because I haven't dabbled with mineral makeup very much in general!

    1. Hello thank you for commenting.

      I havnt either i go on and off with this brand for some reason this lipgloss is so yum!


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