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* BLOGMAS - Advent Calendar Window 4 *

Hello again I hope your all having a fabulous 4th December so far so it’s time to open up window number four already! Wow this month is going so fast. If this is the first post you are reading about my advent calendar, first of welcome and you can catch up with my last three right here

 So let’s see what’s behind window number four

So I got what every girl needs in there bareMinearls make up collection which is the mineral vial now this is the best make-up product you can get from bareMinerals once you have applied all your make-up you then add this over the top of your foundation to set it in place and it also gives you a perfect glow to the skin. Now who doesn’t want that?

You can get this in many different sizes an shades also which is another good thing about this because it you have quite far skin you pick the light if you have darker skin then you go for the darker one you all know how it works ladies. When looking on their website they have 4.5 star reviews so you know it’s a good product and I can tell you it is.

So that is what I got behind window four today do you own your own mineral vial? If you do let me know below what your thoughts are about it or even your favourite product out of the bareMinearls range.

Until next time

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