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"Don't let fear stop you from being who you are or what you want to be"

Anxiety can be a horrible thing, sometimes it can put you off plans you made or even things you want to do in the future. I wanted to speak to you all how I suffer with anxiety and what I do to relax myself when the time comes. Everyone feels anxious every now and again and it's perfectly normal. So many people feel nervous when faced with problems head on, big or small sometimes it can affect you leading a normal life, but I know there are so many people out there who suffer in different ways and also relax in different ways too.

I was diagnosed with bad anxiety in 2007 when I always used to worry about such small things, it made me feel short of breath, chest pain and just fear. It happened a lot when I was at school and college because I used to worry about tests, making friends, I just used to worry so much when I was younger, I didnt really have a way of relaxing especially when it started while I was in a lesson or even just in school. I would just have to grin and bare it which then made me feel even worse to the point that I just had to leave the lessons and go outside. When I finally went to my local GP he spoke to me about this and told me different things that I can do to relax myself when I start to feel a bit stressed out again.

At this moment I don't get as many anxiety attacks as I used to, but when I do get them I hate it. I went back to my GP and he told me it was a mental health problem, it is really upsetting to me knowing that's what doctors are calling it I know it's been around for so many years now but just hearing that really upsets me. Back to when I was younger, a few people found out I suffered with mental heath and I got bullied quite a bit being calling different names saying that I belong in a mental health room etc..  Even nowadays that is still happening as you're reading this and I dont think its right, we shouldn't be afraid to speak out about anxiety and you shouldn't be either. When I start feeling anxious I close my eyes and start taking deep breaths in and out, I do this around 10 times to open my air way because it feels so tight. Then the fear kicks in and I worry i'm going to die, which makes it even more worse! So I distract myself from what i'm worrying about by running a hot bath with my favourite bath bomb then just relax with some stress free music and just carry on taking deep breaths in and out as I start to feel myself relaxing more and more. If that doesn't work then I like to write down what I'm feeling which helps me understand why I'm feeling so anxious. Having my anxiety for 10 years now I've learned that it's part of my life now and I have accepted what comes with it

As the years have gone by I'm not afraid to speak about my anxiety and neither should you be, so if you're reading this thinking "I don't want people to know" or " I'm scared of what people will think" please don't, just open up even if that's to your family or friends. Your family are always there for you and your friends should be too, I kept mine away from everyone for at least 2 years and when I told my family and my friends I felt like a whole weight was lifted off my shoulders, heck even my partner knows and we haven't even been together that long! He knows what to do to relax me and thats what you need, my friends always relax me when I'm anxious about traveling, sometimes I even get anxious on a night out! That's saying something but they're always there face to face or even just a phone call away. I'm not letting anxiety take over my life whatsoever! and you shouldn't either, yes it sucks having this, but it's apart of who you are so don't be ashamed about speaking out and relax, enjoy your life.

I asked a few people I know how they suffer from anxiety and what they do to relax themselves and this is what they said - 

Kay Page 
"If I look back at my life I think it’s safe to say that I’ve always been an anxious person but it was in university that I was really forced to acknowledge my mental health. It also started with my first serious relationship, something that my mind found really hard to adjust too and with it came waves of anxiety and periods of severe depression. It took me a while to really come to terms with my anxiety and I guess that it took me a while to even acknowledge that’s what it was, for a long time I had believe it was just part of me.

For me the symptoms were very stereotypical, the pounding heartbeat and the uncontrollable desire to seek reassurance but the most damage was my need to act on impulse. This result in me running up rather large debts in university.

I’ve come to terms with my anxiety now and having a name for it definitely makes it a lot easier to handle. When I feel anxious I like to write about it because this helps me rationalise and understand that things are not as bad as they usually seem.

I talk about my anxiety because I wish people had been talking about it when I first started to suffer. If I’d have known what was wrong with me I would have been able to seek treatment a lot earlier and probably wouldn’t have had half the hardships I did.

My anxiety is a part of me and I’ve come to terms with that."

Amie Hayward
"Anxiety has always been a huge part of my life, but up until 4 years ago it got to the point I needed to be medicated for it. I was constantly feeling scared, I couldn't breathe without the sheer panic, my heartbeat would be racing so much. I had a fitness tracker that tracked my heart rate and it would be so high it was scary.
Dealing with it is still hard but there are steps that I take that really help. I take a step back and close my eyes, I imagine my safe place, what I can smell, what I can hear & what I can feel. It gives me that sense of calm that I have never had. Not only that I take comfort in that safe place, I make it my own, I appreciate it and I know that no one can take that safe place away from me. "

Just remember guys even though anxiety is part of your life dont just let it define it, takes steps to improve even if that's just baby steps see yourself improve with each one you take. Please don't be scared to speak to someone about your anxiety even if its a therapist just don't be afraid. If you suffer from anxiety also let me know what you do to relax yourself and how you're not afraid to speak out.

"Smile, Breath and go slowly"

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  1. Great post! I've suffered in silence almost thirteen years with my anxiety. Only my close family knew. I have learned to control it after years of practice. I'm more comfortable in speaking of it now in hopes to help someone else who suffers. I love posts like these because it's that constant awareness that you're not alone. Thank you so much! 💖

    1. Hi demi,
      Im glad your told your close family . Yes after awhile we learn to contral it. Thank you so much for reading this post hun and im so happy you enjoyed it 💖


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