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Hey my LUSH fans, so I'm sure you can tell by the post title and also the photo what I'm going to be talking about today. Yes of course FAIRY DUST! Now i bought this product when I went to my local store in Leicester to restock on some bath bombs and snow fairy. I get along with one of the members of staff so well that as soon as I walked in the door he came and given me the biggest hug ever, he's such a sweetie! 

He helped me pick out my bath bombs which I always buy and he then showed me some more bits from the snow fairy collection including the Snow Fairy Body lotion and also this Fairy Dust, he was telling me how they work so well together!  I went ahead and popped it them in my basket, of course, but what I thought was so sweet of him he given me the Fairy Dust for free just because I come in so often and we talk all the time how sweet is that?  Anyways coming off the story I want to tell you my thoughts about this product and also see what you all think too.

Fairy Dust
"Ready for an awfully big adventure? You don't have to wing it; all you need is a lustre, trust and a sprinkling of Fairy Dust."

Now I think you all know from my older post and even my YouTube videos is how much I love the snow fairy scent from Lush. I just knew that when I was given this from a good friend I knew I would love it and I do! To tell you the truth you don't need a lot at all. The perfect way I have found to use it is you pick out your favourite shower gel or even shower jelly and make your skin all soft and fresh, then once you are finished and dry sprinkle a small amount into your hand and smooth it all over your skin to add a stunning shimmer to your skin. You will smell just like Snow Fairy all day, and if you're anything like me I use Snow Fairy shower gel then place this on afterwards just because I love the smell of this so much.
I love this product and I know this is silly but I'm trying to make this last now till the end of the year I cant promise anything but fingers crossed I will.

Overall I love this product, if your wanting a shimmer and love this scent then this will be perfect for you also made with so many great ingredients you will give your skin a special treat with every use.

Do you own Fairy Dust? 

Until next time

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