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Don't you just love spending Sundays curled up in your PJ's with a nice warm drink and a book or even Netflix, because i do. Sundays are just the best day to be lazy and catch up with things you have been wanting to watch, or even running a nice hot bath with your favourite candle and bath bomb (who wouldnt enjoy that on a sunday?). For me each Sunday is different.

I will spend one catching up with bloggers reading their new posts and leaving some heart filled comments, there are so many blogs i read that Sunday just isn't enough to read them all. I love catching up with the bloggers i already know and also catch up with ones I dont know but beginning to know. Another way i spend my Sundays is just relaxing listening to some music and just having some me time because everyone needs some me time, am i right? So thats the perfect time to get out my Cat Earphones and play some tunes, to put a smile on my face. I then move on to reading a couple of chapters of my book.

There is so much i love doing on sundays catching up with blog and reading my current book, these are just my daytime activities. When its come to evening that's when i want to start relaxing and getting ready to be in my cosy bed but before i do any of that I like to make myself a warm drink and go ahead and do my skincare routine. My routine includes Elemis, I always start by using my pro-collagen cleansing balm to remove my make-up from the day and just give my skin the treatment it needs once that's all washed off with warm water. I then go and place on my pro- collagen marine cream, but i always put on a bit extra so when i wake up my skin feels all soft and ready for the new day. Once I have finished all that i then climb into bed and have a quick scroll through social media to have a quick catch up with everything. I then turn my phone on "do not disturb" mode, snuggle up in my warm bed, and fall straight to sleep.

I asked a couple of bloggers and their families to tell me what they like to do on a sunday and here is what they said.

Sarah Athow -Frost
"For me, Sundays are all about 'RPP' - rest, pleasure and preparation! I love to start the day off with a proper breakfast like waffles with maple syrup, berries and freshly ground coffee. Then I really enjoy slowing down the pace and doing something simple, like a walk with my family. Anything to get a bit of fresh air! Sunday afternoons are all about a film with a pot of tea. I love to spend time with my son, reading stories and playing silly games. Then we cook a family dinner, and after my little boy is in bed, I like to pamper myself with a bubble bath and a face mask to prepare for a busy week ahead. I try to pre-cook a healthy, home-cooked meal to eat during the week which takes the pressure off a bit and I also use the time to get my clothes for the week together, plan in blog posts and see what's coming up in my calendar. Finally I go to bed and read a few chapters of a great book. Sundays restore me and help keep a busy week in balance"

(Photo was taken by Sarah herself)

Natasha Mairs
"On a sunday I like to spend the day laying in bed with a nice cup of tea while looking through my instagram and catching up with all the pretty photos"

(Photo was taken by Natasha herself)

Emma Porter
(My sister)
"On a sunday i like spending the day in my warmist pj's that i own and lay in bed with a cup of tea and just catching up with some TV maybe a bit of QVC shopping. But other then that i just like to spending it relaxing before another week of work starts. I also like to spend some sundays re-doing my nails and spending time with my family watching some old classic films and enjoying a good sunday dinner, now thats the best part of a sunday the roast dinner!." 

(Photo taken by my sister! not bad for a photo)

So tell me how do you like to spend your sundays? Do you go out and do something special or do you stay in and catch up with different thing maybe even blogging? I'd love to know how you spend yours.

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  1. great post Amy. Thanks for including me. Absolutely love your cat ears headphones, where did you get them?

    1. Thanks lovely ☺ i got them for Christmas fron xx

  2. Sunday's for me are all about snuggling up with a good book, or catching up on blog posts. I think it's well deserved since we all go back to work on Monday x

    1. Thats a perfect way 😄 it is well deserved x


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