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So on the 16th February 2017 I was sent a little parcel from Brantano Shoes, I gratefully received these stunning ankle boots and I just wanted to tell you all about them. Now I really struggle for shoes because I wont lie, I do have big feet and it does run in my family (I'm a size 9!) But depending on the style of shoes I vary in size which is why I find it hard to buy shoes, even though I just love shoes!.

Now because I do alot of walking and I go to many different events during the year so I really need some smart, but comfortable shoes to wear. I of course thought Ankle boots, I really do love the ankle boots and I only have a few at the moment. I went on the Brantano website and I instantly felt for these boots, Emilio Lunca x Charlie aren't they beautiful!

So obviously girls I got so excited when I saw this parcel, I just knew I had to put them on and go out to give them a test. I wont lie to you these ankle boots are so comfortable! They are lined with a sheep skin material which keeps my feet nice and warm in the cold.  They have a zipper on the side and they lace up with metallic eyelets. Another great feature about these boots is that you can fold down the collar, or have the collar up depending on what kind of temperature you're in during the day. But I'm just in love with how stylish they look when the collar is folded down.

They also have an amazing grip on them, having a larger sole for the high amount of walking I do is a necessity because I know I wont be slipping anywhere I go.

My mum wore these and she told me the same thing saying "They are so comfortable to wear!" So you've heard that from me and my mum, we both love our shoes!
Overall I think these boots are just perfect for what I need, they are stylish and I can make so many great outfits with them. It's nice to finally own a pair of ankle shoes that I dont need to take off after a few hour of wearing. I love the beige and cream colour, how you can adjust the collar to however you want it. The laces add the finishing touch on these boots. The soles are amazing with the perfect amount of grip I need. I just LOVE them, if you're a fan of ankle boots like me then you need to give these a try. Honestly, it feels like your walking on a cloud!

You can buy these Ankle Boots here

They are also available in black and there are so many different ankle boots to chose from. I found it hard just to pick one pair I want most of them!
So tell me do you love your Brantano shoes? What kind of shoes do you love from Brantano?

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