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* January Favourites | 2017 *

I cant believe it is 2nd February already where has January gone? That month has gone so quick that i didnt even get to finished everything I wanted to do in that month! But you know what I'm going to have that as a trail month i think.

Now I have been telling myself that is year I want to do monthly favourites on my blog I have been doing them on my Youtube channel which I will be doing in the next couple of days so here it is my frist 2017 January Favourites. I've seen quite a few of my favorite bloggers tell me their January Favs and I just love reading them and even watching them.

So lets start with of course Zoella.

Zoella - Bake My Day Body Mist
Now if your a Zoella fan like me then you know which range this one came out in but if your new this is came out in her Christmas 2016 range and her whole range smells just like ginger bread which who doesn't love that smell? I have been using this mist for so long now that I know I'm going to cry when it runs out (I know sad right!) but I'm trying to make it last as long as i can. The scent of ginger bread and vanilla is a perfect everyday spray and lasts the entire day.

Zoella - Lazy Days Candle
Zoe Sugg has a Lifestyle range that came out in 2016 and everyone went mad for this collection including myself as you can see, I think i have most of her lifestyle range and I love it all but I have fallen more in love with her candle range specially Lazy Days we all love a good lazy day am I right? Well this candle is perfect for them days, the scent to me smells like fresh clean washing and also a nice summer morning smell (That might sound so weird right now!) But it just smells too fresh, Ahhh I just love it.

Zoella - Scooper Dooper 
Scooper Dooper I believe also came out in 2016 I might be wrong on this. The scent of this is from her very first range with a soft scent, it has Vitamin E, Aloe & Shea Butter to help soften and condition your skin. All you need to do is scoop a small amount and swirl it under warm water then lay back and relax, I also use it as a shower gel but my skin comes out feeling so soft I just love this product.

Feel Unique - Beauty Diary
Now I saw this diary on Feel Unique Instagram and I just knew I needed it in my life I have been wanting a new diary for this year and this one has ticked every box I need. It has beauty quotes and even discounts code each month for their website, It also included notes, payment reminders special days and also stickers my personal favourite is the sticker that says "Netflix and Chill" that made me laugh when I saw it.

Nails Inc - Overnight Detox Repair Mask
Nail Inc has been apart of my life for many yeas now and I have never looked back I really badly suffer with brittle nails and they never seem to grow as quick and I love having long nails, then I found this! This product is a life saver, my nails have never looked so healthy and strong in my whole life. I used this twice a week and I cant believe the results.

Too Faced - Papa Don't Peach
Papa Don't Peach! Every time I say this I just want to sing the song its catchy anyways! I was given the whole collection of the Sweet Peach Collection for Christmas and I have been using this blush ever since. It has a perfect soft peachy pink glow to my cheeks and the smell is just to die for! You can read more about this product on my Too Face Sweet Peach Collection post here.

Lush - Unicorn Bubble Bar
Of course Lush has made it to my January Favourites come on who doesn't love lush special around this time of year when the number one Unicorn Bubble Bar comes out to play. This bubble bar comes out in the Valentines Collection each year and everyone goes mad over it and I can see why with all the beautiful colour once its in your bath its like your in a Unicorn world! Unicorns are so popular at the moment! I have stocked up with this bubble bar to last me as long as possible but i just LOVE IT!

So tell me what are your January Favourites?

Until next time



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you lovely!

      It is amazing the colour is pretty also x

  2. Ooh, I'm loving your beauty buys! The Unicorn Bubble Bar looks absolutely incredible! I'm not usually a bath kind of girl, but I might just fight for you the last one in store... haha!

    1. Oh girl! Trust me you need to try it haha i think ill be fighting for more also haha x

  3. First of all, I LOVE your blog design! Also, I can't believe I haven't tried the unicorn horn, that sounds amazing <3

    1. Thank you so much lovely :)

      Omg yes you must try it honestly you will just fall inlove with it ♡

  4. I still haven't tried anything from the Zoella range but her candles sound amazing. :]


  5. I love the look of papa dont peach really want one! You can check my January faves over at

    1. So many people love that blush and i'm one of them it is worth going for trust me you will just love it.

      Of course ill go check it out x


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